In this section, teachers can find information and resources to help them in their day to day activities.
In this section, teachers can find documents that can normally be obtained from the secretary.
Moreover, the forum contains a collection of all the messages that have been sent to the teachers by e-mail.

This course is going to be the template course to use for new course creation. The format in the course is the standard that we use in the website and hence restoring it will avoid repeating the same format each time a course is created.

In this section you will find documents, links to resources and e-mail communications that support the use of the computers at BEPS.


In this section you will find many learning resources (organised by unit of work) as well as e-mail communications sent to the parents.

If you are looking for information related to the French, Music, Computers, Library or Learning Support Curriculum please go to their relevant websites. Enjoy!

Learning Support