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Security tags, vigilance & Garderie

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Security tags, vigilance & Garderie
by Mandy Porrett - Thursday, 8 September 2011, 6:19 PM
I would like to inform you that there is a problem with the system that we use to validate our security tags. This means that we are unable to activate any new tags at the moment. The company that runs the system will come on Monday afternoon to try and resolve this.

As a result I am sorry to inform you that until that time we only have a few tags that are ready for distribution. We are limiting these to one per family until we are able to validate more. If your tag is ready you will have received an e-mail or will be given it by your child’s teacher.

I will keep you informed of the progress with this situation.

I am sure that you will understand that this problem is beyond our control and I thank you for your patience.

If you park your car on Avenue Victoria when you drop off and collect your children, please be vigilant. I have been informed that some people have been seen attempting to break into cars. If you see anything at all suspicious please contact the police.

Our Garderie Service has proven to be extremely popular this year. This means that Kurt Goossens is unable to take any more enrolments at the moment. He is willing to take names to add to his waiting lists and may extend the Wednesday afternoon service later in the term. If you have any questions regarding this he will be happy to answer them.

Thank you to all of you that attended our Welcome Evenings this evening, I hope that you found them useful.

Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Mandy Porrett