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September is almost over already!

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September is almost over already!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 30 September 2011, 2:22 PM
At last summer appears to have arrived and the sunshine has helped everybody to be even more enthusiastic than usual about their learning.

In Bear’s Cave it has been a busy week. They have been focusing on apples and bananas. The children stuck small yellow pieces of paper onto banana shapes. They also pricked out apple shapes. They made apple pies by cutting apples, putting the pieces onto pastry, and sprinkling them with sugar. They also learnt a poem about apples: “Apple big, apple small, guess what? I like them all”.

The Bear Hunt in Lion’s Den has come to an end, and they have started talking about autumn. They have been for a walk in the woods, making apple pie and even doing some Numeracy with Apples.

I hope that you have seen the Class 1 display of owls on the display board outside their classroom. This week they listened to the story “Jamela’s Dress” and linked this to the work they have been doing about their Marvellous Mothers and Fabulous Fathers.

In Class 2 they have been talking about the different materials that toys are made from. They have been learning the names and the properties of these materials and sorting toys according to the material they are made from. In Literacy they have been using some songs to help them identify the sounds ‘t’, ‘l’ and ‘p’ and then identifying and forming these letters. In Numeracy they have been saying which of two numbers is the biggest and saying the number, which is one, more than a given number.

I know that Class 3 are really looking forward to their trip to the circus next week. They have been looking at how clowns use facial expression to depict emotions and have made their own clown face collages. In Numeracy they have been working with tens and units and identifying how many tens and units there are in certain numbers. In Literacy they were looking at what you need to write a sentence and for ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘th’ words.

Class 4 will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the Water Cycle. They have drawn and described the process, as well as writing about the journey of a raindrop using interesting verbs. In Numeracy they have been working with addition and subtraction facts that total up to 10, 20 and even in some cases 100.

Class 5 have been gathering information on volcanoes for their power point presentation. They have been reading information text and highlighting the relevant information before writing it in their own words. In Numeracy they have been counting on and back in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, 25s & 50s.

Class 6 have been looking at the similarities and differences between myths and legends and finding out about myths and legends from their home countries. In Literacy they were looking at the structure of the original myth ‘Why are there stars in the sky’. In Numeracy they have been using decimal notation for tenths and hundredths and revising the concept of remainders when dividing.

Class 7 are undertaking a Science experiment, which will help them understand the relationship between living things and the environment, which they live, particularly thinking about the conditions in space and on Mars. In Literacy they have started to write a dairy of their experiences as a recruit from the BEPS astronaut academy to the first manned mission to Mars. In Numeracy they have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and developing a Martian calendar using multiplication and division facts.

Thank you to everybody that supported the Book Fair yesterday. We were able to buy a large pile of new books for the library and still have some money for next time. The Book Fair will be back again in December.

Please can I take this opportunity to remind you that the school doors open at 08.30 am. each morning. If there is an exceptional circumstance when you need to arrive earlier than this, please talk to your child’s teacher or myself about it. Thank you for your support.

As you know the tickets for the Halloween/Firework party are now on sale. As these are limited, please return your money and forms as soon as possible. Please remember that as this is a great community event we need as many volunteers as possible to help support it. Clearing up on the Sunday is just as important as the preparations, as we need to ensure that school is ready for use again on Monday morning. If everybody does a little we will have big results! Thank you in advance for volunteering for this event.

There is a PTA Meeting on Tuesday at 09.00, please join us if you can.

I hope that you can all make the most of the beautiful weather this weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett