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What’s been happening in BEPS? Halloween/Firework Party & Team BEPS (472)

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What’s been happening in BEPS? Halloween/Firework Party & Team BEPS (472)
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 14 October 2011, 5:10 PM
Yet another week has passed and many things have happened, please read to the end to find out all the news.

Bear’s Cave have been busy finger painting to decorate a paper hat. They have been playing matching games and even made a sandwich in the shape of a hat. All this has been linked to their unit about hats and caps.

The children in Lion’s Den are getting ready for Halloween and our Halloween/Firework party. This week they have been talking about witches and have been involved in lots of activities which mean that they know all about the witch, her hat, broomstick and magic wand. There are lots of exciting craft things to see in their classroom.

Class 1 have been having parents in their classroom over their last few weeks. They have been coming to share their talents with the children. Inez and Edith’s Mums came in to make chocolate balls and this week Jennifer’s parent came in to do some Science experiments. The children have really enjoyed these experiences, and we’d like to thank you for spending time in the class with them. This week the children listened to the story “Pumpkin Soup” and then made their own. Apparently they all enjoyed eating it afterwards too. If your child is in Lower School ask them about the assembly that the Class 1 team and Oonagh the Class 2 Assistant and Librarian led this afternoon. I just wish that we had taken photographs, it was great.

In Class 2 they have started to plan the toy that they will be making. They have drawn they toy and can tell you all about it. The next step will be to make it. In Numeracy they have been counting on 1 & 2 from a given number. In Literacy they have been introduced to the high frequency words - in, is, the and can.

Class 3 are learning the names of the continents and where they are on a world map to help them know where the animals you might see in a circus come from. In Phonics they have been working with the long ‘o’ sound and finding out the different ways in which this sound can be made and the words that they can make with them. In Numeracy they have been rehearsing addition facts for pairs that total 10.

Class 4 are turning into poets. They have been creating their own water poems using a range of adjectives and vocabulary. After reading their stories about the life of a raindrop I am really looking forward to seeing their poetry skills. In Numeracy they have been measuring and comparing capacity using litres and millilitres.

Class 5 have been using globes, maps and atlases to locate the volcano that they are researching about and where the plate tectonics meet. Then they recorded this information on a world map. They have also made a seismograph and so will be able to inform us of any ground movement. In Numeracy they have been further developing their mapping skills to enable them to locate a position on a grid using coordinates. They can also identify vertical and horizontal lines.

In Class 6 they have been developing their research skills using a graphic organiser with research questions to find out about societies famous for their myths and legends. In Literacy they are reading myths and legends and writing paragraphs using headings, sub headings, topic sentences and supporting details. Classifying triangles and recognising parallel and perpendicular lines have been the focus of their Numeracy.

I am sure that you will be as intrigued as I am to find out how Class 7 used yeast and alka seltzer in an experiment to identify signs of life on Mars. Please ask them for further information. In Literacy they have been identifying characters and setting in fiction and following the steps involved in the writing process when writing their autobiography. Their Numeracy has been based on factors and understanding the rules of multiplication, addition and subtraction work with odd and even numbers.

On Wednesday we had our first fire drill of the year. We were very impressed with how sensibly, quickly and safely the children left the school. It took us just 3 minutes and 20 seconds to clear and check the building, go into the playground and ensure that all of the children were present. We will repeat this in the near future when the children have not been warned in advance. As you know the safety of the children is of prime importance to us and we want to ensure that they are safe at all times.

This time next week BEPS will have been transformed beyond recognition. As you know the Halloween/Firework Party will take place next Saturday (22nd October) from 17.30 -20.00. Next week I will send out a reminder with all the information you will need to enjoy the party to the full.

In the meantime the PTA would like to thank all of you that have volunteered to help with this event. However, they still need support with setting up on Friday 21st from 14.00 – 16.00 and on Saturday 22nd from 10.00 – 13.00. If you can help please let them know.The Cake stall also needs lots of spooky cakes and cookies to sell. Please help by donating items for us to sell. A letter regarding this will be sent home on Monday. Thank you in advance for the support you are giving to the PTA and Class teachers by volunteering to help in so many different ways.

The Guest list will for the party will be posted on the Secretary’s Desk for parents early next week, and I will inform you when it is there. You will be able to buy tickets to spend on all the activities and food in the playground at the end of school next Friday. These are then used in place of money on the evening. You will also be able to buy tickets like this on the evening itself, but buying some in advance can help you to avoid the queues!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that parking in the centre of Avenue Franklin Roosevelt (in front of the central grassed area) is not at all safe. Please do not use this area to park if you are dropping your children off, even if you see others using this area. Thank you.

And finally, but very importantly I would like to inform you that tomorrow (Saturday 15th October) Team BEPS are putting on their trainers and heading out to participate in the Acerta Brussels Ekiden relay marathon for the first time. Six intrepid members of the BEPS community are involved in this team event. Ms. Hope and Oscar will each be running 10 km, Neil Clark (Sophie and Alice’s Dad) will be running 7.195 km and Ms. Ford, Karima (Oscar’s wife) and myself will run 5 km each. Of course we wouldn’t be able to do it without our group of supporters from amongst the staff, they will be with us all the way. If you are in the area and would like to come and cheer us on we would be very grateful for it. I will certainly need as much support as I can possibly get in my first run of this kind. To find out more about the event please check out the website

We aim to spread the name of BEPS International School to people that may not have heard of us before, whilst having great fun. We will be happy to see you if you can possibly make it. Look out for the BEPS T-shirts or team number 472, that’s us!

I hope to have recovered enough to be back on Monday and to be ready for the week leading up to one of the great BEPS events.

Enjoy the weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett