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Another week has come to an end.

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Another week has come to an end.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 18 November 2011, 7:06 PM
Unfortunately this week we had to say goodbye to Melissa Dobbs one of our Pre-school teachers. However we have been lucky enough to find a replacement for her. Susan Heron will now join Pre-school and will replace Melissa from Monday morning. I am sure that you will join with me in wishing Melissa the best of luck in the future and in wishing Susan well in her new position.

Please note these two events next week.

On Tuesday (22nd November) the photographer will be in school. He will be taking family, individual and Class photographs, so please make sure that your child remembers to brush their hair on that day!

On Thursday (24th November) Class 1 will be holding their Cake Sale. As you probably already know all of the money that is raised will be given to them to spend on something for their class. Please support them by donating cakes or cookies and bringing your 1€ coins to spend. The cakes and cookies will be on sale in the playground at the end of the school day. Thank you in advance for your support.

Bear’s Cave made very prickly hedgehogs this week. They have also been developing their gross motor skills by climbing, balancing and crawling and their fine motor skills by pricking their hedgehogs.

In Lion’s Den they made some amazing Goldilocks puppets. They have joined all the pieces together so that Goldilocks actually moves. They have also been sorting objects by size and comparing the taste of sweet and salty biscuits.

Class 1 have been learning all about the letter s. They have also been working in their ‘El Nombre’ workbooks. They are finding out what school is really about! They listened to the story ‘The Wind Blew’ and have sorted autumn leaves that have been blown or fallen from the trees.

Some of the children came to my room to find out the sources of light that are in it. They were very good at explaining all about this to me. They have been experimenting with torches to see which objects and materials let light pass through them and which reflect it. They have been talking about the meaning of the IPC personal goals – communication, cooperation, resilience, thoughtfulness and enquiry. They may sound like difficult words but ask them to see what they are all about. In Numeracy they have been using vocabulary linked to addition and seeing how it is all about combining two groups of objects.

Class 3 brought objects from the past into school this week and have been talking about them with each other. They have also learnt how to make a timeline by sorting and ordering pictures from oldest to newest and to show the passing of time. In Numeracy they reviewed the days of the week and months of the year and were introduced to other units of time including hours, minutes and seconds.

In Class 4 they have been finding out about festivals and traditions connected with light that measure the passage of time. This may be useful to them for their part in Winter Concert, which I know they have started to think about. In Numeracy they are continuing to grapple with time. They are reading the time to five minutes on analogue clocks now. They have also been starting to read the time on digital clocks and using both types to answer word problems about time.

Class 5 have been deciding on the best name, logo and slogan for their forthcoming Tuck Shop. It has all been carried out in a very diplomatic manner with voting to ensure that everything has been done fairly. They have also written letters to Mr. Sorensen to ask for a loan to enable them to start up their shop. I know that he is planning to visit them next Thursday to discuss this matter with them. I hope that they are well prepared for this meeting!

You really should go into Class 6 and take a look at the maps, which they are making. They have made maps of their home countries and are able to present them to you in a very knowledgeable manner. They will continue to add to them throughout the Unit and so they will be even more impressive by the end of it. They have also been brainstorming ideas for the Winter Concert and I think that I heard some mention of Rudolph, but I could be wrong. In Numeracy they have been converting from a larger metric unit to a smaller one, and suggesting suitable units and measuring equipment to measure different lengths.

This week Class 7 have now started their new Unit of Work – Leading the World. Soon they will be explaining to us how countries are run and what it takes to become a great leader. In numeracy they were reviewing weight and length and trying to understand litres, centilitres, gallons and pints. In Literacy they were considering prefixes that indicate number, and found some very interesting words. They can tell us what we will be referred to as when we reach eighty years of age!

As you can see they are continuing to work hard. Thoughts are now turning to the Winter Concert and preparations for this will soon be in full swing. Please remember that this will take place on Tuesday 20th December. If you have not yet informed your child’s teacher if they will be here on that day, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

Next week will be our first PE lesson at the gyms in the ULB. I have been talking with the teachers that will take these lessons today and they are looking forward to starting them. Thank you to those people that have already volunteered to support us by walking to the gym with a class. If you can also help please let a class teacher or myself know.

Please make sure that your child is wearing their PE kit on Friday and that they bring PE shoes to wear in the gym. Thank you in advance for your support.

As the weather is getting colder now please make sure that your child has a warm coat to wear at playtime everyday. We need to ensure that they are warm when they go outside. Thank you.

I hope that you have a good weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett