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Come in and see our Christmas tree. Delisweet Shop open next week!

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Come in and see our Christmas tree. Delisweet Shop open next week!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 2 December 2011, 6:50 PM
The BEPS Christmas tree is looking great, so please make sure that you come in and see it. If you haven’t yet brought in your decoration to hang on it, please remember to do so on Monday.

Thank you to everybody that supported the Book Fair yesterday. It is always great to see so many of the children enjoying the books, which they have bought. Oonagh was able to purchase some new books for the library with the money that was made and these will be added to the shelves for everybody to enjoy.

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be entertained by Mr Marty the Musician. All of the children in the school listened to and joined in with his songs. Great fun was had by all. I am sure that you would like to join with me in thanking Ms. Ford for organising the event and to the PTA for funding it.

We have still managed to fit in plenty of learning alongside the Winter Concert and Winter Fair preparations that have been happening this week.

Bear’s Cave have been talking about the colours blue and yellow this week. They have made a yellow sun and blue butterflies. They have also been making Christmas trees and sticking decorations on them.

In Lion’s Den they have used the colours that they have been talking about to paint a class rainbow. They have been carrying out an experiment to make coloured water by adding crepe paper to it, and were very impressed with the results. They have also been decorating paper bags to sell at the Winter Fair. These always sell out quickly as they can be used to carry the things you buy around with you, so don’t miss out on buying one!

Class 1 have been learning the letter ‘t’. They have also revised ‘a’ and have been experimenting with the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ and with the formation of these letters. They have also been busy making crafts to sell at the Winter Fair, I am really looking forward to seeing and buying some of these. They have also been singing their song for the Winter Concert and I hear that some of them have been teaching their Mums and Dads the words too.

Class 2 will be able to tell you that although it is day in one part of the world it will be night in another. They also know what causes day and night. There are some lovely day and night pictures on display in their classroom. In Numeracy they are talking about the seasons and beginning to learn the months of the year. They are also making addition facts for pairs of numbers that total seven and beyond. In Literacy they are listening for the sounds ‘w’ and ‘v’ in words.

In Class 3 they are looking at analogue and digital time now. They have been playing a time dominoes, which sounds like a fun way to practice telling the time. In Literacy they have been hearing, recognising and spelling words with the long ‘i’ sound. They have been checking to see what has happened to the materials they buried in their experiment linked to their Unit of Work. They are also very busy learning the words to their Winter Concert song, and I would be very surprised if you don’t know what it is, as they are singing it wherever they go!

Not only will Class 4 be able to tell you why there is day and night, but now they will be able to explain to you that there are different time zones in the world and how these impact on human activity and communications. Ask them about lines of latitude and longitude as they have been talking about these too. In Literacy they are writing stories about travelling in a time machine. I can’t wait to read these, or to have them read to me.

Class 5 are very excited but also a little apprehensive about running their Delisweet Shop next week. They have borrowed their money and bought their stock and now need to make sure that they can sell it and hopefully make some profit. I know that the other children in the school are looking forward to going and buying their snacks from them. I am sure it will all work well. They have been working with money all week to ensure that they will be able to add the prices quickly and be able to give the correct change. Please support their shop if you can.

Class 6 & 7 have spent time researching about the charity that they are going to support and have written persuasive letters to encourage others to support it too. You will be receiving one of these letters next week. They led an informative assembly on Thursday to introduce it to Classes 3 and above, and did a fantastic job. They asked the children questions to see how much they had understood and it was impressive to see how much they had learnt in a very short length of time. Try asking your children about it. More will be revealed to you next week if you haven’t already heard anything.

Next week will be as busy as usual.

We hope that St. Nicholas will visit us on Tuesday. On Wednesday 7th we have the Winter Fair. Please join us at 11.00 am. if you can, or send your child with some money to spend as there will be lots of lovely things to buy. On Thursday we will have the first run through of the Winter Concert, and as well as all that we have learning to do! It’s a good job we like to have lots to do.

The Winter Concert tickets will also be sent home next week. If you haven’t already put the date into your diaries it is on Tuesday 20th December at 10.30 am.

I hope that you all have a good weekend.

Best Wishes.

Mandy Porrett