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Welcome back. What's been happening this week? Class 3 Cake Sale.

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Welcome back. What's been happening this week? Class 3 Cake Sale.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 13 January 2012, 6:07 PM
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new families that have BEPS after the winter holidays. I hope that the children are settling in well and that all your questions are being answered. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
Of course I am also very happy to see all the other smiling faces back after the holidays. The children appear to have had very exciting holidays but have already settled back into school life and are working hard. Lots of classes have started new Units of Work and are eagerly anticipating their learning.

Bear’s Cave’s current Unit of Work is very appropriate for the time of year as they are talking about winter. During the week they have been looking at the difference between the clothes you wear in the summer and the winter. They have been decorating hats, scarves and mittens and have also had two birthdays to celebrate.

Lion’s Den have been listening to a story called “The Mitten”. They have worked in groups to paint a large mitten using their hands. They also had to choose the animal they would like to make to stick on the mitten. They could choose from decorating a fox with orange raffia, sticking toothpicks onto a hedgehog, sticking feathers onto an owl or cutting and sticking black shiny paper onto a mole. You will have to visit their classroom to see what they decided to make.

Class 1’s new Unit is called “Let’s Pretend” and they have started by drawing pictures of some of the rhymes they already know. In phonics thy are talking about the letter ‘n’ as well as revising ‘p’ and using ‘s,a,t and i’ too. In Numeracy the number of the week was 6 and they have been enjoying lots of activities linked to this. They were very happy that it was Buddy Time today so they could spend time with their buddies.

Class 2 have just started their Unit of Work all about the senses. They have some ‘senses boxes’ in their classrooms, but beware, I put my hand into the taste one in 2M and there was something very sticky inside it! In Literacy they have talking to and listening to each other to find out about the holidays and then been getting back into writing by writing about them. In Numeracy they have been concentrating on addition.

Class 3 have the exciting Unit of Work all about buildings this term. We will see them turning into architects before our eyes! They have spent this week revising some of the main areas they covered in Numeracy last term including time, 2D shapes, counting in 10s and addition and subtraction. In Literacy they have been remembering how to use capital letters in their writing by writing about their holidays.

At this time of the year I really wish that I was in Class 4 as their Unit of Work is all about chocolate. It has already included tasting chocolate which they assure me will help them with their learning! They have carried out a survey to find out what type of chocolate children in BEPS like most and will be displaying their results in the form of a graph. In Literacy they have been reminding themselves how and when to use question marks and exclamation marks.

As Class 5 are talking about health and fitness this half term they will be able to remind Class 4 about staying healthy! They have started by labelling the main organs of the body and will be finding out what each organ does. In Literacy they were talking and writing about New Year Resolutions and thinking about how they would like to improve. They will be reflecting on these at the Student Led Conferences. In Numeracy they were subtracting two and three digit numbers.

Class 6 are completing their Unit of Work about their home country and host country by writing a home country fact sheet. They are also adding a timeline with what they consider to be the ten most important dates for their country marked on it. In Numeracy they have been dividing numbers and finding the difference between numbers using counting on strategies.

Class 7 are continuing their research into what makes a good or a bad leader. They are going to be able to put this knowledge into practice when they write a speech to convince the rest of the school to vote for them to become House Captain. In Reading Circles they have started to read the Diary of Anne Frank and are already captivated by it. In Numeracy they are working with fractions, I am sure that Class 4 would link that to chocolate somehow!

So as you can see everybody is very quickly getting back to work, and there is definitely going to be lots of great fun and learning taking place between now and the half term holiday.

This term will be as busy as usual. You should have received a calendar showing all the special events that will be taking place. Some class trips have also already been organised and I am sure that there will be more to come. The first of these events is next week.

Next Thursday (19th January) Class 3 will be holding their Cake Sale. Please help them to raise some money for their class by sending in some cookies or cakes for them to sell or by bringing in a Euro to buy a cake with. As usual they will be stored in my office during the day and sold in the playground at 15.30.

There will also be PTA meeting at 09.00am. on Thursday 19th January. This will be to discuss the Summer Fair. Please make sure that you have put the date of the Summer Fair in your diaries, it will be on Saturday 2nd June. Come and join us at the meeting if you possibly can, as we will need lots of support to ensure we have a great Summer Fair.

It seems strange to be thinking about the summer when it’s dark and cold outside, but it will be here before we know it.

Enjoy a restful weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett