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The weekend is here again already.

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The weekend is here again already.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 20 January 2012, 6:26 PM
It’s hard to believe that it’s Friday again.

I would like to update you with the amount that Class 3 raised at their Cake Sale. They made the grand total of 297€ and couldn’t have done so without your support. I am also not sure that we informed you of the fact that Class 2 raised 214€ at their Cake Sale in December. I am sure that both classes will inform you of how they intend to use the money in the near future. Thank you for your continued support with our Cake Sales.

Kurt Goossens would like to confirm that the Winter Concert DVDs will be ready by the end of the month.

Just to quickly let you know what has been happening at BEPS this week:

Class 7 have been working hard to continue their research on different types of government. In Literacy they are starting to read “Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl” and are really keen to be doing so. In Numeracy they are measuring and drawing angles, circles and triangles and seeing how these are linked.

Class 6 have just started a new Unit of Work and are fully engaged in designing and building models of amusement park to help with their understanding of the physical world. In Literacy they are starting to talk about and read diaries and in Numeracy they are looking at multiples and divisibility rules.

In Class 5 they are finding out about the different parts of the body. They are investigating one of the following: heart, lungs, respiratory system, digestive system, eye, ear, liver, kidney or brain. On Monday they are going to have a French IPC workshop to help them develop their understanding of dental hygiene and the digestive system. In Numeracy they are adding and subtracting and in Literacy talking about the long ‘u’ sound in words.

Class 4 are continuing on their chocolate theme and are reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. They are using data they collected around the school to create bar charts, and have been finding out how chocolate arrived in Europe.

Class 3 went on a walk to observe and sketch the special features on buildings in the local area as well as on our school. In Literacy they have been learning about verbs and about symmetry in Numeracy.

This week Class 2 have been exploring the sense of touch. In Literacy they have been finding words that rhyme and in Numeracy practicing counting back from 20 and linking counting back with subtraction.

Class 1 have been exploring opposites in rhymes and listening to the story of the “Enormous Turnip”. In Numeracy they are working with the number 7 and in Literacy practicing the formation of the letters they already know. They have also been introduced to daily news sessions when the teachers scribe their news to give opportunities for a range of language skills to be developed.

Lion’s Den have been enjoying the story of “The Mitten” again this week. They have made and threaded mittens and have looked at the idea of a pair by matching lots of different pairs. They have had fun using masks to act out the story too.

In Bear’s Cave they have been learning the difference between long and short using scarves to help. They have been making scarves and boots and using their fine motor skills to lace boots. They have also had plenty of fun dressing up in different hats and scarves.

I am sure that there will plenty of things to tell you about next week. In the meantime have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett