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The cold weather doesn’t stop us working! International Day.

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The cold weather doesn’t stop us working! International Day.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 3 February 2012, 4:47 PM
The freezing temperatures don’t seem to have prevented anybody from working hard this week, and the snow that ha just started falling are being met with great enthusiasm by the children. So just before I get snowed in at BEPS for the weekend here is a quick recap on what has been happening!

On Tuesday Bear’s Cave and Lion’s Den went to Kid’s Fantasyland for the day, they all had great fun and had so much exercise that nearly all of them slept on the bus on the way back to school (I think the teachers were tempted too!).During the rest of the week Bear’s Cave have been talking about balls and balloons and have been involved in lots of activities with them.Lion’s Den are starting to talk about houses and have listened to the story of the Three Little Pigs to help them think about houses. They are busily making houses out of different materials and will be finding out about different kinds of houses.

Class 1 have been sharing their favourite stories with each other. There are also lots of craft activities linked to rhymes taking place. Woolly black sheep, pictures of houses in the shape of shoes and fish hanging in a net are looking great. The letter of the week has been e, and they are finding that it’s not always an easy letter to write!

Class 2 have been listening very careful to the noises that they hear around them as they have been investigating the sense of sound this week. In Numeracy they have been measuring using non-standard units.

Class 3 have been thinking about different types of houses and how weather and climatic conditions affect buildings and the people that live there. In Numeracy they are learning all about the properties of 2D & 3D shapes.

Class 4 enjoyed their trip to the chocolate museum on Thursday and learnt some new information as well as being able to check that what they had already learnt was true. They have been sequencing the journey of a cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar. They were also lucky enough to have Maddie’s Dad in class to talk to them about chocolate and to be able to ask him questions too.

Class 5 have been finding out what nutrients are and the amounts they need to eat to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Then they designed their own food pyramids and have been carefully studying food labels to find out what they are actually eating. In Numeracy they have been solving word problems involving units of capacity.

Class 6 are thinking and working like scientists and have been carrying out an experiment to see which type of ball hits the ground first when it is dropped from the terrace. They have also started to read diaries for their Literacy Circles.

Finally, Class 7 has been finishing their work on world leaders. They have used the information they collected from last week’s House Captain elections in Numeracy as the basis for some data handling.

They are happy to be able to inform you that the result of the election was:

Elected for the Academic year 2011/2012

Horta : Keani

Magritte : Mayuko

Sax : Jeremy

Herge : Jacopo

I am sure that as House Captains they will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a good leader, and that the rest of their house will be able to look up to them.

Our International Day team would like to thank everybody that has volunteered to come in and support us next Thursday. Those of you that have volunteered should find a confirmation letter in your child’s bag today. We are looking forward to a fantastic day with a wide range of exciting activities and anticipating a mouth-watering lunch! I hope that it has stopped snowing by then!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the snow but keep warm and safe.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett