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Cake Sale and holidays!

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Cake Sale and holidays!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 17 February 2012, 4:34 PM
I am very happy to tell you that as a result of your generosity Class 4 raised 257€ at their Cake Sale yesterday.

I know that the children look forward to the Cake Sales and the money that classes make through these events is always greatly appreciated. This year classes have been using the money to help fund educational trips and visiting speakers. As ordering a bus to go on a trip increases the price greatly using Cake Sale money for this helps to reduce the cost. As a result classes can go on additional trips. You will always be informed of how your child’s class is spending the money they make. It is hard to believe but there will only be three more before the end of the year!
Thank you for your continued support.

The six weeks since the Winter Holidays have flown by but the children have managed to learn lots in this time. Class 4 have just demonstrated their learning through an assembly all about chocolate. It was informative and action packed with acting and singing as well as the unveiling of their designs for chocolate bars. I am sure that they will be displaying these somewhere in school, and so please ask them where they are so that you can take a look.

There are still plenty of things to look forward to before the Easter break including World Book Day, a Book Fair, World Maths Day, Student Led Conferences and the famous BEPS Egg Drop.

Enjoy the holiday and relax if you can, you will need plenty of energy for the next half term.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett