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The end of the week, Class 5 Cake Sale and another successful Book Fair.

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The end of the week, Class 5 Cake Sale and another successful Book Fair.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 9 March 2012, 5:39 PM
Class 3 made sure that the week ended on an exciting note.They held their Houses Exhibition this afternoon and displayed how much they have learnt during their Unit of Work. Please make sure that you come and see their models and ‘House for Sale’ signs as they are fabulous. You can hardly believe that they have managed to turn all the junk materials they collected into such realistic models. Well done to them all.

On Wednesday we celebrated World Maths Day and the children collected data from around the school to display in different forms. Read on to see the interesting tings they decided to count.

In Pre-school the children were counting the number of toilets there are in BEPS, Class 1 were busy counting things in their classroom, 2M counted the number of doors in the main building, 2B now know how many instruments there are in the Music room, 3G kept themselves fit by counting how many stairs and steps there are, 4B & 4D found out which type of chocolate people prefer, 5H checked out how many people have hot lunches and packed lunches, 6J asked about nationalities and finally Class 7 looked into the languages children in BEPS speak.

The results of these findings will be displayed around the school for you all to see.

Thank you to everyone that supported the Book Fair yesterday. A record amount of money was spent and as a result we have just over 200€ which we can spend on books for the library. This is a fantastic way for us to extend our library resources, and it is always great to see the children keen to buy books and enjoying reading them.

Next Thursday (15th March) Class 5 will have their Cake Sale. They have already had a Cake Sale loan from the PTA to pay for the bus to take them to Technopolis last Friday, so it is very important that they run a successful Cake Sale! Please help them repay their loan by sending in some cakes or cookies to sell or by bringing your 1€ coins to spend after school on Thursday. Thank you for your continued support.

As you know we have PE on Fridays. Please help us by ensuring that your child comes to school wearing their BEPS T-shirt and sweatshirt and that they have a change of shoes for their lesson. All items should be clearly named. It would also be helpful if you would please check to make sure that your child has the correct sweatshirt as we have some at school that do not match up with children that have mislaid theirs. Thank you.

Next week everybody will be very busy getting ready for our Student Led Conferences. They need lots of preparation but are very worthwhile. If you haven’t returned your form to confirm that you will be attending, please do so as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes.

Mandy Porrett