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We are looking forward to Student Led Conferences

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We are looking forward to Student Led Conferences
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 16 March 2012, 6:43 PM
During the week everybody has been very busily preparing for the Student Led Conferences. As you know these will be taking place next Tuesday (20th March). Please remember that you and your child(ren) only need to be in school for your appointment time(s), there isn’t regular school on that day. As this is a very special time brothers and sisters should not attend each others meetings but should go up to the Attic where they will be looked after by members of staff.

For those of you that would like them Parent/Teacher Consultations will take place after school the following Tuesday (27th March).

If you have been in school you will have seen that the displays have been changing. Before and after school the sounds of cutters and staplers have been filling the air as teachers have been creating new displays. Once again there are some fantastic pieces of work on display that teachers have lovingly mounted and carefully displayed. Take some time to look at them on Tuesday, as they will show you what happens in classes across the school. The Class 4 display (that goes up the main stairs) is particularly special as this is the first time that the children have used their pens when writing for a display, but I am sure you will agree with me that their handwriting proves they are ready to use them. Well done and thank you to everybody for all the hard work that the displays show.

We also have another exciting event to look forward to. You should have received a letter about the 27th BEPS Egg Drop that will take place on Wednesday 28th March. For those of you that have not been involved in this before it is an exciting annual event where the aim is to prepare a container, which is very small, very beautiful or original and that will prevent a raw hen’s egg from breaking when it is dropped from a height of 5 metres.

Please don’t try using parachutes or balloons in your design though, as these are not allowed! More information will follow.

If you would like to see what this event looks like, please go to the Pictures of School Events part of the website and scroll down to 2010-2011 and then until you find the Annual Egg Drop Event. You will be able to see some of the designs that people have tried before, but you won’t know which worked and which didn’t! You have two weekends in which to perfect your design and I wish you luck in coming up with a successful one.The more people that join in the Egg Drop, the more fun it is, so please start thinking about it.

The children are really looking forward to showing you how they learn on Tuesday, not only what happens in their classrooms but also when they go to French or English, Music and ICT. I am looking forward to seeing you all and hope that you will enjoy the experience.

Let’s hope that the sun keeps shining over the weekend.

Best Wishes
Mandy Porrett