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The Egg Drop is getting closer, are you ready?

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The Egg Drop is getting closer, are you ready?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 23 March 2012, 6:43 PM
The Student Led Conferences and the sunshine have played important roles in making this a memorable week but lots of learning has been happening as well.

Bear’s Cave have been thinking about Easter and particularly chicks and chickens. They have been learning a song called “Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken”, pricked out chick shapes and played a paper egg sorting game.

The Lion’s Den classes are talking about gardens and so they obviously ordered the sunshine for us. During their art and craft times they’ve made beautiful dragonflies and trees with blossom on. There are also seeds sprouting in their classrooms. If you see any of them they will be happy to point out signs of spring to you.

Class 1 have been looking at the letters ‘f’ and ‘b’ and the sounds they make. They have also just started a Unit of Work called ‘Going Places’, which is all about transport. I think that they may even be planning some trips in the next few weeks.

Class 2 are getting ready for the holiday early with their Unit all about holidays. This week they located their favourite holiday destination on a map and thought about how you would travel there. They were also talking about the types of clothes that you wear when you are on holiday. In Numeracy they have been learning and using ordinal numbers up to 20 and in Literacy reading and spelling ‘cvc’ words that end with ‘st’, ‘sk’ and ‘mp’.

In Class 3 crocodiles have been helping them with their Numeracy. I am not sure where they are keeping them but apparently they eat numbers, so must be cheap to feed. They have been helping the children show which numbers are bigger or smaller than each other. In Literacy they have been investigating adjectives and in their Unit of Work which is all about stories they have been telling stories and seeing what they have in common.

Class 4 have been thinking about what they would like to do that would mean they are remembered as a significant person. I am looking forward to hearing their ideas, as I am sure they will have come up with some exciting ones. In Literacy they were using their writing skills to create an acrostic poem on their significant person. In Numeracy they were working with subtraction, using the number line method, you will have to ask them what that is.

Class 5 have just started their new Unit of Work entitled ‘Before People”. They have already learnt some complicated vocabulary and I know that there is plenty more to come. In Literacy they have been investigating commas and how to use them as well as looking at the significance of word order. In Numeracy they have been doubling and halving numbers up to 1000.

It’s been all about sound in Class 6 this week. They have been finding out how sound works in scientific terms but also in Literacy in the form of onomatopoeia. In Numeracy they have been working with the 24-hour clock and using timetables. In addition to this they have been adding and subtracting strings of multiples of 10.

Class 7 are also working with time in Numeracy along with negative and positive numbers. In Literacy their work with poetry continues. Their Geographical Unit of Work has encouraged them to look at landmarks in countries, both natural and man-made. They have also had the first taste of their forthcoming Exhibition. They are making the final decision on the topic they will study and are eager to find out who their mentors will be!

Next week will see the end of the second term, but before it arrives there are Parent/Teacher Consultations on Tuesday evening and the famous Egg Drop on Wednesday. Don’t forget that your entry must be in school on Tuesday if you want it to be judged. Please take it to your teacher to have a number stuck on it before putting it in the entrance hall. Let’s hope that the sun is still shining on Wednesday for the event itself, but even if it isn’t it will still be a great morning, so please join in if you possibly can.

I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday if not before.

Best Wishes.

Mandy Porrett.