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The Summer Term is here

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The Summer Term is here
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 20 April 2012, 4:52 PM
It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were still on holiday. Lots of things have happened during the first week of the summer term, all we were missing was some sunshine.

Five new children have joined Bear’s Cave this week and they are already settling in very well. I am sure that the other children are very happy to have some new friends and will be helping them as much as they can. They are talking about spring so let’s hope that they make the weather warm up a bit.

In Lion’s Den the children have been exploring the differences between rolling and sliding and finding out which things will roll and which will slide.

The Class 1 Unit of Work for this half term is called Going Places and is all about transport and travel. This week they have been choosing items to put into the Class 1 suitcase and telling each other why they have chosen them. They have also been discussing how they would really like to travel to school and making models of space rockets. In Numeracy they have been saying numbers one more than a given number and in Literacy revising the most common sounds.

Class 2 will be able to tell you all about the Seven Wonders of the World after they have been asking questions and sharing what they have learnt. After observing pictures of the seven wonders they have created a postcard for one of them. In Numeracy they have been counting in 10s, and in Literacy practicing writing sentences using capital letters and full stops.

Class 3 started the new term with a visit from Mayra Calvani; an author and storyteller. She ran workshops teaching the children how to act and write stories as well as sharing some of her own stories with them. They used the money that they raised in their Cake Sale to fund this event and I know that they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mayra also very kindly donated three books to the library too. In Numeracy they have been working with doubles and halves of numbers and describing characters and looking for ‘oy’ words in Literacy.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend the morning with Class 4 on Wednesday whilst their teachers went to visit Flipper (where they will be going for their residential trip in June). They have been busily working on completing their work to create a magazine about their significant person. They are nearly finished and I am looking forward to reading them all. In Numeracy they are working with fractions and recognising and finding fractions of shapes. In Literacy there are spelling words that have ‘le’ added to them and joining sentences with conjunctions.

Class 5 are going way back in time with their Unit of Work all about Dinosaurs. They are involved in a research activity, which means that they are finding out lots of information about a specific dinosaur and answering a wide range of questions. It must be the time of year when classes are learning about fractions because Class 5 are recognising and using fractions, mixed numbers and equivalent fractions. In Literacy they have started to draft a dinosaur story and will be editing and redrafting it to ensure that there is atmosphere, suspense and development of characters.

Yesterday afternoon Class 6 invited their parents into their classroom to see the fairground rides that they had designed and made. This was all linked to their learning about forces and they really demonstrated how much they had learnt. I am sure that there are future fairground ride designers in 6J, but their rides would be far too scary for me to try. In Numeracy they have been developing their addition and subtraction strategies working with numbers involving decimals. In Literacy they have started to look at persuasive writing and the language needed for this. They then used this knowledge to write a letter to persuade their parents to attend their presentation. There were lots of parents there so they must have worked!

This is the time of the year when Class 7 start working towards their Exhibition. This is an important time for them because the Exhibition gives them the opportunity to showcase their achievements and to share these with the BEPS community.

The children are studying a wide range of subject areas and would appreciate any help or support that you could give them. If you have information on, or expertise in any of their chosen areas, and would be willing to share this with them please let them know by contacting them on their class website:

Thank you in advance for your support.

The topics are:

Keani - Sleep and its affect on our daily life and health

Milou - The Bengal, tiger an endangered animal

Mayuko - Working Mothers

Erika -The responsibilities linked to adopting pets

Jacopo - Junk food and its impact in the body

Leo - Bees and the part they play in the life cycle of the World

Octave - Whales

Alberto - Elephants and Rhinos

Zekye - The impact of Video games on people

Robin - Autism

Gyuri - Szekely: its historical identity

Jeremy - Four wheel drive and its impact on the environment

Dibbo - Plastic Pollution

Adrian- Solar Energy

Marcel - The dangers of smoking

Allegra - Energy Drinks

Toby - Child Labour

They have spent the week creating an Exhibition calendar to help them plan their work and meet their deadlines, meeting their mentors, writing and sorting questions and gathering information. They are all very enthusiastic and have made an excellent start to this exciting process.

We were lucky enough to have a fantastic Music Assembly this afternoon. It is a pity that we couldn’t fit you all into the Attic to enjoy this experience with us. The choir and Classes 4,5 & 6 sang amazingly well and showed us how lucky we are to have Ms. Ford as our Music teacher. I would like to congratulate them all, and have to say that it really was amazing. I can’t wait to hear them again very soon.

I would like to remind you that next Thursday (26th April) Class 6 will be holding the penultimate Cake Sale of the year. Please remember to bring your 1€ coins to spend and if you can send in any donations of cakes or cookies I am sure that they would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Well, it has just started to pour with rain again I hope that this is not going to be the pattern for the weekend.

See you on Monday.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett