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Summer Fair total, Talent Show and Cake Sale

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Summer Fair total, Talent Show and Cake Sale
by Mandy Porrett - Wednesday, 6 June 2012, 9:31 AM
By working together we raised a grand total of 4,500€ at our Summer Fair on Saturday!
The PTA will generously use this money to fund a range of school-based events and projects and will also be making a donation to Nativitas the charity BEPS is currently supporting. Thank you again for all your support.

Tomorrow (Thursday 7th June) is the day of the long anticipated BEPS Talent Show. This will take place at 14.30 and if you would like to come and be part of the audience you will be very welcome. We are hoping that it won’t be raining so we can hold it in the garden. However, looking out of the window at the moment this seems rather optimistic! There is a Plan B though.

Following the Talent Show you will be able to visit the Cake Sale which is being organised by the Italian community to support the people of Emilia Romagna. Please bring in your 1€ coins to spend and send in some cakes or cookies if you can.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

(Please do a sun dance for us.)

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett