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Residential trips and their expected times of arrival tomorrow.

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Residential trips and their expected times of arrival tomorrow.
by Mandy Porrett - Thursday, 14 June 2012, 5:37 PM
I have just arrived home after spending the day with Class 4. We arrived at Flipper in time to see room inspection, all beds were made, floors clear and clothing neatly stored in cupboards, so you know what to expect now!

We then caught the bus to the ‘Amandine’ an old fishing boat that has been turned into a museum. It was very interesting and the children loved exploring the boat. We then continued on our way to the Sea Life Centre. After having a picnic lunch (yes, the sun was shining!) we spent the afternoon there. We saw the seal and sea lion explanation/show and then even had a special English translation where the children asked lots of questions. We split into small groups and looked at all the amazing fish and sea creatures, although the group I was with spent quite a lot of time with the turtles. After a very quick play in the playground it was time to head home. The children and their teachers caught the bus back to Flipper for the Wild West supper and the disco, and Ms. Yates the head teacher from WIS and myself headed back to Brussels. Everyone is very happy and are really enjoying themselves, but beware you will have some tired children returning tomorrow evening. They should be back at school at 15.30 if the traffic is accommodating. We will keep you informed if it is likely to be very different.

The Class 6&7 children are also continuing to have fun and are enjoying the wide range of activities that they are participating in. They will definitely be exhausted when they return tomorrow, as they have been so active everyday. As they are not due to leave Butengbach until 14.00 and as they will drop the children at WIS before coming to BEPS we do not expect them much before 17.30, once again a lot depends on the traffic. However, we will be in touch with the teachers and will update you once we know how things are going.

I will be back in school tomorrow, and we will then be preparing for the Class 5 children to go off on their trip next week.

Have a good evening.

Mandy Porrett