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New classes and Book Fair

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New classes and Book Fair
by Mandy Porrett - Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 2:41 PM
There has been excitement in school today; as the children will have been told which class they will be in next year. Your child(ren) will also have brought a letter home explaining this. Everybody will have the chance to meet their new teacher(s) on Monday, which will be exciting too.

The Book Fair is in school tomorrow. Each class will visit the Book Fair with their teacher and so your child(ren) might like to bring some money to spend. The fair will be open from 09.00 – 17.00 and we will be very happy to see you during that time. It will be in Class 7 as usual, so please come and browse. There will be plenty of books to choose from. As always we will benefit from all the sales that are made and will be able to purchase books for school.
Thank you in advance for your support.

I wont be in school again tomorrow, as I will be visiting 5H in Botassart. I hope that there will be some good weather but I am sure we will have fun even if its raining. I will be back again on Friday.

Enjoy the Book Fair it could be a good opportunity to buy some holiday reading material!

Mandy Porrett