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What has been happening during the first full week?

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What has been happening during the first full week?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 14 September 2012, 5:57 PM
Firstly I would like to thank you for attending our Welcome Evenings this week. I hope that you found them informative and useful.

The week has been very busy with everybody starting to settle into learning and new class expectations. It is always takes a little time at the beginning of the year for everything to fall into place, but we hope that it is starting to do so. We are here to answer any questions, so please do come and ask if there is anything you need clarification about.

The children in Bear’s Cave are nearly all new and An and Reny have been very proud of the way that they have settled in. They are getting to know each other and beginning to understand the classroom routine. This week they made schoolbags, celebrated the first birthday of the year, enjoyed a Music session with Ms. Ford and have spent some time with Elsie their French teacher.

In Lion’s Den the children have also been settling in well and getting to know their new friends. They made lions and have stuck these on the wall for everybody to see. They also drew pictures of themselves and came over to the library to choose a book.

It’s all very new for the children in Class 1 too as they are now over in the main building. They are also settling in and getting used to moving around the school when they go to ICT, Music and French lessons. Their teachers are also getting to know their class and helping them understand their classroom routines. They have been talking about their ‘Community Tree’ and their classroom agreements. You should come in to see their ‘Sensational Sea’ if you have the chance, there are some beautiful fish.
At the moment Oonagh the Class 1 Assistant isn’t in school as she has a broken elbow, but she will be back on Monday 24th September.

This week Class 2 they have drawn up their Golden Agreements and so now they all understand what they should be aiming for. In Literacy they have been recognising their own and their classmates names and practising writing their names using lower case letters. In Numeracy they were counting to 20 and beyond and reading these numbers too.

Unfortunately Ms. Guille from Class 3 has been ill since Wednesday, but that has meant that I have been able to work with her class. In Literacy they were listening for ‘nt’ ‘nd’ and ‘mp’ sounds at the end of words and in Numeracy counting on and back in 1s and 10s and thinking about the number before and after a given number. Their Unit of Work is all about the Circus and they watched a DVD of a circus to introduce the different acts that can be seen.

Being in Class 4 means being in Upper School and so there are lots of new things for the children in 4D and 4J to get used to, but they are coping very well with everything. They have started the year with a great Unit of Work all about chocolate. They have been discussing what they already know about chocolate and creating a mind map to show this. I am really looking forward to the part when tasting chocolate starts! In Literacy they have been reviewing what makes a sentence and making sure that they write them using capital letters and full stops. In Numeracy they have been partitioning 3 digit numbers into hundreds, tens and units.

Class 5 have been looking at the relationship between thousands, hundreds, tens and units and portioning numbers into these. They have been writing figures of up to 5 digits using letters and numbers. In Literacy they were looking at the different spelling patterns used to make the ‘long o’ sound. They were also taking notes whilst watching a Brain Pop video about the earth’s structure. This was linked to their Unit of Work and they used the information to add as many details as possible to their own drawing of the different layers of the earth.

On Wednesday you wouldn’t have been wrong if you thought you spotted some characters from myths and legends at BEPS. These were actually children from 6J who were beginning their new Unit of Work. This was part of the entry point for the Unit – Myths, Legends and Beliefs and has really spurred them on to learn lots more. In Numeracy they have also been reading and writing numbers in figures and words and thinking about what each digit represents. In Literacy they have been using the writing process to produce a short recount and of course have been reading fables, myths and legends.

It’s not surprising to hear that Class 7 have also been looking at the position of digits in numbers, but now the numbers get even larger! They were also multiplying and dividing numbers by powers of ten. They are linking their Literacy work with ICT and preparing comic strips about the IPC Personal Goals. For the Entry Point for their Unit of Work about Space Explorers they were set the following mission – “The International Space Station is running out of vital supplies. Your task is to build a rocket that will deliver these supplies from Earth to the space station. You can only use the materials that have been given in class.” I am looking forward to seeing the results of this mission.

I expect that there will be lots of tired children after the first full week back but I know that there are lots of tired teachers! However, after a restful weekend everybody will be back ready and raring to go again. Of course it’s not going to be too restful for Jenny-Ruth who is taking part in the Great North Run on Sunday. I am sure you join with me in wishing her lots of luck. You must watch out for her on the BBC coverage of the event!

It is no car day here in Brussels on Sunday so we should all be out getting some exercise too. The children in Lower School Assembly were telling me that they are looking forward to going out on their bikes and scooters, so lets hope the sun shines.

Enjoy the weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett