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Tomorrow it’s party ti

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Tomorrow it’s party ti
by Mandy Porrett - Tuesday, 25 September 2012, 5:12 PM
Please remember that tomorrow the children will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of BEPS. Whatever the weather they will be enjoying themselves. As well as wearing their BEPS T-shirt and sweatshirt they should bring a raincoat so that they can have some outside fun too.

At the end of the day your child(ren) will need to be collected from the following places:

Pre-school - from in front of their building as usual.
Class 1 - from the benches in the playground.
Class 2 – from near the Bouncy Castle.
Class 3 – from the raised area of the playground near the tree and the sea-saw.
Upper School children (Classes 4-7) will be in the garden.

We are all looking forward to a great day!

(Don’t worry it will be the grown ups turn to celebrate soon.)

See you tomorrow.

Mandy Porrett