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Where does the time go?

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Where does the time go?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 16 November 2012, 7:05 PM
Our short week is over and yet next week is another short week for the children. There isn’t school for the children next Friday (24th November), only for the teachers as we have an INSET Day. After that it will be full weeks all the way up to the Winter Holidays.

Next week also sees some school events. On Tuesday (20th November) the photographer will be in school. He will take photographs of individuals, siblings and classes. And these will be ready before the holiday. Class 7s photographs will be taken when they return from their trip, so please don’t worry, they wont miss out.

Then, on Thursday Class 5 have their Cake Sale. I know that they are already planning for this and would like to remind you to send in any contributions of cakes and cookies or to bring your 1€ coins to spend. The quality and quantity of goodies at our Cake Sales is always amazing and I am already looking forward to buying a tasty treat for after school on Thursday. As you are aware 5H will be able to choose how to spend the money they make. Thank you in advance for your support.

On Thursday afternoon our Head Lice Mums will also to return to carry out a follow up check. If your child has head lice they will bring a letter home with them informing you of this fact. We are also in the process of updating our head lice information letter to ensure that we give you the best advice we can on how to treat this common problem.

This week everybody has started rehearsals for the Winter Concert and these exciting additions to our normal school timetable will continue until the big day itself. You will receive your tickets for this eagerly anticipated event on Monday, so please look out for them in your eldest child’s Blue Bag. You should also have received information about the costume(s) that your child(ren) will need, please help us by making sure that these are in school on the date requested. Thank you. As in previous years the event will be recorder and you will be able to order copies of the DVD. More information about this will follow.

Lost property is a problem in any school, and recently we have seen more children at BEPS misplacing their personal items. Please help us to overcome this by ensuring that all of their belongings are clearly labelled, and by avoiding sending them to school with expensive or precious items. If you find that your child has inadvertently picked up something that doesn’t belong to them, or if you see something lying around, please give it to either Jenny-Ruth or myself. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Last week I told you about the new Units of Work that Classes started. Class 4 started theirs too this week by investigating different liquids. They are going to be finding out about water in this unit and have been sharing their knowledge and discussing what else they want to find out about. Please ask your child how their Unit is progressing and I will tell you what they have been working on in Numeracy and Literacy.

Along with the time spent learning their scripts for the Winter Concert Class 7 have been talking about compound words and writing a Science Fiction story about a journey to the centre of the Earth. In Numeracy they have been investigating and understanding the metric system involving grams and litres.

Class 6 have also been working with measurement and have been converting from metric units to imperial units too. In Literacy they have been writing their Winter Concert play and reading either Fantastic Mr. Fox or The BFG by Roald Dahl.

In 5H their Numeracy and Literacy has been linked to their Unit of Work as they have been carrying out surveys using tally charts and frequency tables to identify children’s favourite snacks. I am hoping that this means a Snack Shop will be happening soon.

Class 4 have been working with the past tense and investigating regular and those more tricky irregular words. In Numeracy they have moved into looking for lines of symmetry in the 2D shapes they were learning about last week.

If you need to know anything about the days of the week, the months of the year or the seasons, you just need to ask Class 3. They also made clocks with their Buddies this afternoon, and so I am sure telling the time is coming next. In Literacy they have been looking into the ways that the long ‘e’ sound is made.

Class 2 have also been talking about length and comparing lengths using vocabulary such as longer and longer than and shorter and shorter than. In Literacy they have been writing about their favourite toys, recognising ‘o’ and ‘g’ sounds in words, and getting quicker at recognising their sight words.

In Class 1 the children have listened to the story “Owl Babies” and have been working in their Journals. They made their family from salt dough and have counted how many people there are in their families.

In Lion’s Den they have been exploring the opposites of hard/soft, hot /cold and big/small. They looked at and tasted the difference between raw (hard) and cooked (soft) pasta and decided that cooked past tasted much better. They also built big and little towers with the building blocks.

And finally, Bear’s Cave have been talking about the colour blue. They listened to the story “Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?” They played a sorting game and also a board game all about colours.

It is amazing to see the ways in which Numeracy and Literacy develop across the school and how prior knowledge is developed. Before we know it the children that are in Bear’s Cave will be in Class 7 and will have built upon the important foundations that are laid there.

I am looking forward to seeing our Winter Concert develop further next week. Please help your child to learn their parts or to practice their songs. I am sure that they have been very keen to tell you about what is happening.

I hope you have a great weekend and manage to taste the Belgolicious truffles!

Best Wishes,

Many Porrett