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The Winter Concert is almost here!

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The Winter Concert is almost here!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 30 November 2012, 5:59 PM
Preparations for the Winter Concert have been in full swing this week and everybody is looking forward to going over to the theatre on Monday for our final rehearsal.

The children will be even more excited, and probably a little bit apprehensive on Tuesday when the real event takes place, but once it all starts they will forget their nerves and demonstrate their skills and enthusiasm.

Please remember that the concert will start at 10.30 and that parking will be even tighter than usual so allow plenty of time to get there. I am sure you don’t want to miss the choir or any of the main feature, ‘BEPS In A Box'. If you are wondering what it’s all about I will just remind you that we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year. I hope this whets your appetite!

On Wednesday we will be putting up our Christmas tree. Your child(ren) should have brought their 40 home to decorate in readiness to hang on the tree. Please help us by threading some ribbon or string onto the finished decoration so that we will be able to hang them on easily. Thank you.

Then, on Thursday (6th December) we are hoping that St. Nicholas will visit us. I am sure that the children will let you know if this is the case.

There is a double celebration on Thursday, as Class 4 also have their Cake Sale. This will be the final Cake Sale of 2012 and if this cold weather continues we will all be in need of something yummy to eat by then. Any contributions in the form of cakes and cookies will be greatly appreciated and can be left in my room on Thursday morning, or brought in at the end of school day. Don’t forget your 1€ coins if you would like to buy a treat to eat. We are always grateful for your support during the Cake Sales.

Just when you think we couldn’t fit anything else into the week, we do. The Book Fair will be in school on Friday (7th December)! We hope that this will give people the opportunity to purchase some reading material for the winter holiday or to give as gifts. As usual BEPS will receive 10% of whatever has been sold to purchase books for the library. The Book Fair will be held in Class 6 again (just inside the main door in the entrance hall). The children will visit the fair with their teachers, so they might like to bring some money to spend, and you are very welcome to drop in at any time during the day to visit the fair too.

I don’t think that we could really fit much more into a week at BEPS ……. but you never know!

Next week I will share more news about the learning that is happening around school – we are still finding time for lots of that too.

Keep warm over the weekend, and see you next week.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett