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The wintery week has come to an end

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The wintery week has come to an end
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 7 December 2012, 6:28 PM
I hope you got all home safely and that the children are drying out!

We had a great time enjoying the snow but unfortunately it went wet and slushy far too fast.

Although Monday and Tuesday were designated to the Winter Concert we have managed to fit in plenty of other things too.

Bear’s Cave have been talking about Winter Celebrations and were very lucky because they were able to celebrate with St. Nicholas when he came to visit them. They had drawn him some beautiful pictures, which he was very happy to take away with him. They also sang Happy Birthday to him!

The children in Lion’s Den were feeling very proud of themselves after their performance during the winter concert. They also enjoyed it when St. Nicholas visited them in their classroom.They made a picture of a reindeer by tracing around their foot (for its head) and making handprints for the antlers. Then they added a red nose, eyes and a mouth. The children have been listening to a variety of stories and playing with shiny play-dough.

Class 1 have been talking about the pattern of their day and then have extended this to the pattern of the day for their other family members. They have been wondering what their Mum and Dad do during the day. They made marvellous mothers and fabulous fathers by decorating mums and dads and writing quotes about their parents.

Class 2 have been learning the names and properties of the different materials, e.g. wood, fabric, plastic, metal used for making toys. They have been drawing plans of the toy, which they are going to make and labeling them. In phonics they have been listening for the ‘j’ sound and identifying the letter in words.

Class 3 have really fitted lots into the week and since the Winter Concert have being talking about the long ‘u’ vowel sound particularly in the story of ‘Sue Kangaroo’. In Numeracy they have been adding three numbers. They have also started a science experiment linked to their Unit of Work I am sure they will be happy to tell you all about it. This afternoon they were very busy. Some parents came in to work with them and help them prepare items to sell at the Winter Fair next Wednesday. It was very busy in their classrooms and reminiscent of Santa’s Workshop! I am sure you will be very happy if you are lucky enough to buy something they have made.

Class 4 have been measuring and comparing lengths in metres and centimeters this week. They also went on a French trip to a Water Museum where they able to validate what they had already learnt and learn lots more too. They have been looking at the Water Aid website and finding out how much they can learn from it. Class 4 are also very grateful to everybody that supported their Cake Sale yesterday and would like to say thank you to you all. They raised a total of 220€ and I know that they will tell you as soon as they decide how they are going to use it. Thank you for your continued support.

Class 5 have been busily putting the final touches to their Snack Shop preparations. They have taken out a loan with Mr. Soerensen and so are now hoping that the Snack Shack is successful and they will be able to repay him. You should have received a letter from them telling you all about the shop and they have posted information around school too. They have also been finding out about how countries communicate and how this affects trade between them. In Literacy they have understood how adjectives are words that describe things and that we add suffixes to the end of many adjectives to change their meanings.

Class 6 led Upper School Assembly this afternoon with a presentation to launch the Nativitas Food Drive. So now all of the Upper School children can tell you what it entails and how you can support it. They have been very artistic recently and their Impressionist paintings will be on display near my office very soon.

Class 7 have been reading ‘The Journey to the Centre of the Erath’ by Jules Verne and are now writing their own version of this. They are on the final drafting stage and so they should be ready very soon. In Numeracy they have been working with pictograms and grouping data. After their fabulous performances in the Winter Concert I am sure that they will be ready for a relaxing weekend.

I think that brings you up to date with some of the learning that’s been happening around school, and you can see that we fit a great deal into the children’s week.

There are just two more pieces of information I need to pass onto you before I leave for home and the beginning of the weekend.

Firstly, you should have received an order form from Belgalicious today. Kurt Goossens would like to inform you that they will be donating 10% of the proceeds of their sales to Nativitas, so ordering some chocolates will also be doing some good.

He would also like to tell you that the telephone number for the Garderie Service has changed. You can now contact them on 0476 638133.

It’s been a long and successful week and next week has plenty more to offer. I look forward to seeing you all at the Winter Fair on Wednesday, and if you haven’t managed to come in and see the Christmas tree with all the fabulous 40s on, please do so very soon.

Keep warm and safe this weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett