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What have we been learning about this week?

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What have we been learning about this week?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 1 February 2013, 7:05 PM
It has been such a wet day today, we haven’t ventured outside at all! However, this hasn’t stopped the children from working as hard as they have been working all week.

This week Bear’s Cave started to prepare for Carnival. They have been making clown hats and playing with confetti. On Book Day they listened to the story “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and made their own book about this.

Lion’s Den had great fun reading Dr Seuss books and preparing for Book Day. They especially enjoyed reading “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Foot Book” and, inspired by the story made their own Foot Book. They decorated their footprint using different art tools and techniques. They made a furry foot, a sick foot, a party foot and their own foot!

Their letter of the week this week was t. They were amazed to see how many things in their class begin with the ‘t’ sound.

Class 1 were very happy to have their new teacher this week, and have been helping her settle into BEPS. They are showing her how much they are learning about letters and numbers in their Unit of Work. They listened to the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham” on Book Day and then spent the day completing activities linked to this. They made picture frames and printed with potato shapes paint and glitter. There were lots of sparkly children walking around after that! Today they have been making pancakes, and I must admit that they were very tasty indeed.

Class 2 have been thinking about the sense of hearing this week and how sound travels from different sources. They went on a sound walk around the school to identify sources of sound and recorded in words and pictures what they heard. In Literacy they were predicting the pattern in the words/story “Peace At Last” by Jill Murphy, and retelling the story using their own words. In Numeracy they have been counting in 1s up to 100 and beginning to read these numbers in figures. On Book Day they read “Hop On Pop” and made rhyming wheels, hats and painted rhyming pictures.

Class 3 have been revising the names of continents and oceans and where there are in the world. They have also been thinking about how the climate and resources available in different countries affect the types of buildings found there. In Literacy they have been reviewing verbs with the ‘ing’ ending and introducing verbs in the past tense, and changing ‘ing’ to ‘ed’. In Numeracy they have been measuring things using non-standard items such as paperclips, cubes and hands. On Book Day they had a reading camp with their Class 5 & 6 Buddies and shared books with each other. They read, “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket” and matched imaginary monsters to places around the house and created their own rhyming monsters.

Class 4 have been finding out about the sun and the Earth. They have been seeing how they move and interact and how this relates to the passage of time. They can now start to explain why we have day and night and the seasons. In Numeracy they are working hard to develop their ability to tell the time, and made a clock to help them. To give them some practice whenever you see someone from Class 4, please ask them what time it is. In Literacy they have started to plan a story about time travel, which I am hoping they will share with me. On Book Day they listened the Dr. Seuss book “There’s No Place Like Space” and created their own mnemonic to help them remember the order of the planets after listening to it. They also spent time with their Buddies and enjoyed themselves greatly.

The Class 5 children will be able to help you choose a balanced diet now. They have been learning all about the food pyramid and can tell you that food is made up of carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They can help you read the labels on foods so that you know the amount you should eat to stay healthy. In Literacy they have been investigating and spelling words with silent letters, and in Numeracy they have been solving word problems involving units of capacity. They also enjoyed Book Day and if you look in the ‘Pictures Of School Events ‘ section of our website you will be able to see their ICT work linked to “Oh! The Thinks You Can Think!”

Class 6 are continuing to be incredibly scientific and have been investigating friction, centrifugal forces and floating and sinking this week. It was all rather scary when Ms. Wilkins was swinging a bucket of water around in the entrance hall, but I am sure that her class will happily explain why in reality this was a safe activity. In Literacy they are being poetic and after working with similes and metaphors have written their own shape poems. In Numeracy they have been working with tenths and hundredths and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. They also enjoyed sharing books with their Buddies on Book Day and made cartoon versions of books for them, which I am sure they will really enjoy.

Class 7 are preparing themselves for elections! They have been preparing campaigns in order to be elected for the position of House Captain. This has involved preparing posters and writing speeches. They will be presenting themselves to the rest of the school community and voting will follow this. In Literacy they have just started reading “Holes” by Louis Sacahr and will be studying this in some detail. Their Numeracy work has been linked to multiplication and fractions. On Book Day they worked with Oscar in ICT to produce a timeline showing the life of Dr. Seuss. You can also find this on the website so, please go and take a look. They also worked with the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”.

As you can see we have had a very productive week, and now there is only one more week before the half term holiday.

Please do go and check out the photographs and ICT work in the ‘Pictures Of School Events ’ section on the website, Oscar has worked very hard today to get this all ready to share with you. I am sure you will want to join with me in thanking him for taking the photograph that now appears on the front page. It’s not an easy task, as we don’t all look in the right direction at the right time!

Before I head for home I would just like to remind you that if your child has a 20 Card for the Garderie, you must inform us on the day if they need to use this service. Please write a note in their Journal or call us so that we know that we should be taking them there at the end of the school day. This is for your child’s safety.

Finally, although the snow has gone, please ensure that your child(ren) is/are appropriately dressed for the weather, particularly if they are going to Garderie as the temperature drops quite quickly at the end of the school day, and the playground can be rather puddly! Thank you for your support.

I hope that you have a good weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett