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We celebrated Mr. Gellar’s 80th Birthday!

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We celebrated Mr. Gellar’s 80th Birthday!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 1 March 2013, 7:36 PM
I am sure that your child(ren) told you that yesterday we celebrated Mr. Gellar’s birthday. If you look on the Pictures of School Events part of our website you will see some photographs and a video clip from the event. He really enjoyed himself and was very happy to receive, and impressed with the beautiful cards and drawings the children made for him.

I promised last Friday that I would tell you what learning has been happening this week and so please read below to find out.

Bear’s Cave had an exciting week with balloons. They blew them up, painted with them, jumped up to touch them and worked together to make a big picture of one. They learnt a new skill this week too, and can now use the prickers to prick out shapes.

This week Lion’s Den continued learning about the Jungle. They have been drawing stripes on tigers, making monkeys out of paper bags and painting jungle backgrounds. They have also been looking at Inky Ink a mouse that loves the letter ‘i’ and have been looking for words that begin with the ‘i’ sound.

Class 1 have a new Unit of Work called “Let’s Pretend”. In this they have been exploring the different aspects of some rhymes, their vocabulary and the use of opposite words in them. They have also been having fun with the puppets in the puppet theatre. This week they have been talking about the Billy Goats Gruff and made goats using paper plates. In Literacy they were learning about the letter ‘h’ and its sound. In Numeracy they were working with the number ‘4’.

In Class 2 they have been exploring how they use and develop their sense of sight. They have been looking at the work of different artists and comparing and commenting on them. They looked carefully at Abstract and Op Art, which was a new term to me, but means Optical Art as in optical illusions. They have created their own artwork in the style of one of these and I am sure that they will be very happy to show you them. In Literacy they learnt a poem “The Five Senses” by heart and must be very clever, as they are able to recite this. In numeracy they were describing position using the terms above, below and beside.

Class 3 are certainly starting to get ready for their Houses Exhibition now. They have been using the atlas to find different environments and can identify deserts, mountains and forests. They have also been trying to decide how they know if it’s a hot or cold place. Today they have been looking for different types of houses in books to help them decide which one the different teams are going to build. In Literacy they were exploring sentences to find nouns and found out that they were all people, places, animals or things. Next they categorised the words into these groups. In Numeracy they were talking about doubles and their corresponding halves.

Class 4 have been working in groups to find out about festivals and traditions connected with light and which measure the passage of time. They found that there were lots of different ones including Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Le Re’veillon, St Lucia Day and Kwanzaa. They worked very hard to research and present their learning to each other. In Literacy they were putting the finishing touches to the stories they have been writing and then proof reading them to check for any errors. They were also finding out about the rules that there are when you add the suffix ‘ing’ to a word. In Numeracy they have started to learn about fractions and to understand that a fraction is a part of a whole.

Class 5 have been showing how much they understand about nutrients and ensuring meals are balanced by planning a school lunch menu for one week. They had to explain why they made their choices and how they knew that the meals were balanced. In Literacy they read articles about cultural traditions and diet. These were linked to their Unit of Work, and they identified the key words and underlined them to help them with their comprehension of the text. In Numeracy they were also learning about fractions, but they were matching fractions using number lines and diagrams and using them to solve problems.

The Scientists in Class 6 continue to experiment! This week they were learning about light and finding out how it travels, and were experimenting with reflection and refraction. This week their spellings were all homophones, which are always tricky to come to terms with. They also started to prepare a debate and had to choose a subject, research it and make notes on it. In Numeracy they were multiplying, dividing and using coordinates.

Class 7 have been using the information they gathered on their chosen leader to answer questions to enable them to start preparing a PowerPoint Presentation. They have been making inferences and ensuring that what they are writing is written in their own words. The results are very promising and I am learning more than I could have imagined. In Literacy they were using words better than said in context and adding speech to a comic strip before rewriting it as a text with reported speech. In Numeracy they have been adding and subtracting decimals and two or more numbers less than 10,000.

Please remember that the Book Fair will be in school on Tuesday (5th March) and so your child(ren) might like to bring some money to spend. Please feel free to come into school to visit the fair, before, during or after school. Your child(ren) will visit with their teacher as well.

On Wednesday we have the excitement of World Maths Day. The children are all working hard at improving their scores on the World Maths Day website and there will plenty of fun Maths activities taking place too.

I would like to remind you that the school doors open at 08.30 a.m. in the morning. The teachers will be in their classroom from 08.30 onwards, but before this will be using the time for preparation. If in an exceptional case your child needs to be dropped off earlier, please talk to their teacher or myself to see if we can support you in this. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a restful weekend, and get those Mathematical brains polished and ready for Wednesday!

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett