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World Maths Day

World Maths Day
by Oscar Guerra - Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 3:59 PM
Dear Parents,

The children have been enthusiastically preparing in the World Maths Day web-based event. I am happy to announce that from today until Thursday morning the web-based competition will be taking place all over the world.

To fully participate in the event, the children (Class 3 and up) have to complete 50 trials scattered across 5 different skill levels. Each trial lasts about 1 minute. The children will have half an hour to try to complete the trials in the computer room but they will need some time at home if they wish to compete in all 5 skill levels.

To access this website from home you should use the login information that is attached to your child's journal. Many children know the login information by heart as they have been preparing for weeks for this event.

If a child finds a certain skill level too difficult there is no need to complete the trials of that level. They should be competing in the levels that they feel comfortable with as it is very important to have fun and celebrate Maths during this event.

Tomorrow, at BEPS we will be celebrating World Maths Day with special activities that complement the web-based competition.



PS1 Direct link to World Maths Day website:

PS2 The WMD web-based event is available to children from classes 3 and up. Children in classes 1 and 2 will be introduced to the Maths activities in Sebran during the week of the event. The link to download Sebran's software can be found on the Computers at BEPS website.