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World Maths Day 2013 - Final Results

World Maths Day 2013 - Final Results
by Oscar Guerra - Friday, 8 March 2013, 12:29 PM
Dear Parents,

Please join us in congratulating the children for the excellent results they achieved in the World Maths Day (WMD) Competition. The children worked hard practising and improving their Maths skills for some weeks and many of them finished all 50 challenges.

If you log into the WMD website you will be able to see your child's individual results and, if you would like to, you can print a certificate of participation. A special certificate is awarded to the children that finished all the day's challenges.

Furthermore, we have added a website with some instructions and the final standings of the competition. It comes as no surprise that the children that practised more, got the better results. Please check the website with the results in the Pictures Section of our main site.

We are sure that regardless of the final results, everyone enjoyed preparing and participating in the event. It helped us realise that Maths is fun and that with discipline and practice we can improve our skills.

We are looking forward to the World Maths Day event next year.

Warmest regards,

The World Maths Day Team at BEPS

PS The WMD web-based event was available to children from classes 3 and up. Children in classes 1 and 2 were introduced to the Maths activities in Sebran during the week of the event. The link to download Sebran's software can be found on the Computers at BEPS website.

PS2 Some useful links: