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The sun shone at last!

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The sun shone at last!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 8 March 2013, 6:13 PM
The warmer weather made everybody even happier than usual this week. There were also lots of other things happening and they made the week rush by.

On Monday Class 6W invited their parents to come in and see their fantastic fairground rides. They’d made some amazing models and were able to explain about all the forces that were involved in them to their parents. I must congratulate them on the quality of the models they made – lots of hard work had obviously gone into designing and making them. This unit is a really amazing way to learn about Science, I am sure it was never that much fun when I was at school.

The Book Fair followed this on Tuesday. Once again the children were very excited see the books and lots of money was spent. As a result we will be able to choose over 200€ worth of new books for the school. Thank you, to everybody that supported the Book Fair. If there are ever any particular titles that you are looking for if you let us know in advance, Barbara Smitham (the Book Fair lady) will be happy to order them for you. The final Book Fair for the year will be in June and so you will have plenty of time to think about any you might want for then (Thursday 13th).

On Wednesday BEPS was filled with Maths, as we were celebrating World Maths Day. From Bear’s Cave to Class 7 Maths challenges were the way to go! Everybody was having fun with Maths and relating it to real life too. As we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary there were lots of activities based around the number 40 and lots of building activities too! I am sure that there will be photographic evidence of the event coming your way very soon. The children were also participating enthusiastically in the World Maths Day website challenges. I know that Oscar and the Maths Day team have been keeping you informed about this. It has been great to see them working hard to improve their scores and to beat themselves each time they log in. I am sure that you would like to join with me in thanking the World Maths Day team for making this such a great day for everybody.

Parents were in school again on Thursday, and this time it was Class 2’s turn to share their learning. They held a Senses Workshop and showed how we use our senses and how important they all are. From what I hear it was rather noisy, but great fun. Well done Class 2, I am sure you made sure that your parents learnt lots.

On Tuesday Class 3 parents will be here to attend the famous Class 3 Houses Exhibition. This week the children have been very busy planning and building their houses in groups. Unfortunately Ms. Bancroft has been absent for this but she will have a lovely surprise when she sees what they have achieved. Luckily there were lots of people around to help out and even Class 7 gave some expert advice on the matter. They can remember building their own houses when they were in Class 3 and were very happy to relive the experience! Ms. Guille must really be ready for a rest this weekend as she has been busy working with all of the children. Thank you to her and everybody else that has helped make this a very exciting and positive learning experience for the children.

Although we are very sorry to be losing Jenny-Ruth we now know that her replacement Dominique Floridor will be able to spend a week working with her before she leaves. Dominique will join us on Monday 29th April, and Jenny- Ruth will leave us on Friday 3rd May. This will mean that Dominique will be able to learn all about us from Jenny-Ruth and hopefully this will help her to settle into life at BEPS very quickly.

Next week everybody will be busily preparing for the Student Led Conferences, which are taking place the following week on Tuesday 19th March. (If you haven’t already confirmed that you will be attending, please ensure that you do so on Monday.)
I can hardly believe it, but I have just been told that there is likely to be snow again next week - and just as we thought that Spring was really on the way!

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Best Wishes,

Mandy Porrett