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Student Led Conferences are on Tuesday.

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Student Led Conferences are on Tuesday.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 15 March 2013, 7:15 PM
Everybody is busily getting ready for the Student Led Conferences on Tuesday (19th March). Please remember that your child(ren) only need to be in school for their appointments rather than the full day, on that day. These conferences are always a great experience, and give you the opportunity to see how your children learn.

Having a snow day on Tuesday meant that teacher’s plans were rather thrown, and everybody has been working hard to fit in as much of that day as possible into the last two and a half days!

The children in Bear’s Cave listened to a story about a bear tidying up their toys into a box. Then they made a picture of the story by sticking the toys into a box on a piece of paper. They also finished their shakers and filled them with pasta and decorated them.

This week Lion’s Den were looking at insects and they made lots of insects using different techniques. They also looked at circles and a new shape - ovals. They practiced counting up to 6, which happens to be the number
of legs that many insects have. In addition to this they also tried drawing bumpy lines and straight lines.

The Class 1 children have been listening to the story of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. I am sure that they will happily tell you what this story is all about when you see them. The letter and sound for this week has been ‘m’, which is a very important letter for me too! The number they were talking about was 4.

This week Class 2 started their new unit of work on Holidays. The children made posters at home about their favourite holiday, which they shared with the class. They managed to travel around the world without leaving the classroom! They found their holiday destinations on a map and discussed different types of holidays. In Numeracy they have been finding and recording number pairs that make 7 and 8 through practical activities and games.

The snow meant that Class 3 had to postpone their Houses Exhibition until Thursday. Although everyone was disappointed, something special came out of this. To make sure that nobody would miss the event Oscar videoed it, and it will soon be on the website for everybody to see. I am very happy about that, as it means I won’t have missed out either. Their houses really are fabulous, and will be on display in the Entrance Hall on Tuesday. In Numeracy they were comparing two digit numbers, and saying a number that lies between two numbers. In Literacy they were looking at the ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ spelling pattern.

The new Unit of Work in Class 4 is all about Time and Time Zones. At home they designed and made devices to measure time, and presented these in class. They also found out how to locate countries and places using latitude and longitude. In Literacy they were copying out their stories to make a class book and in Numeracy looking at equivalent fractions and finding fractions of numbers.

In Class 5 they are learning all about the time before people. They have found out that different species of dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era and that there were three different periods the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. They have started to research information related to a dinosaur of their choice. In Numeracy they have been deriving and identifying doubles and halves of numbers up to 1000 and reviewing multiplication and division.

Class 6 have now started a new Unit of Work too. It is all about ‘Black Gold’ or oil, as we may know it. They started by carrying out an experiment to find out how they would clear up after an oil spill. Later in the week they found out how difficult it is to get oil out of feathers after such an event, and so saw the effect that a spill would have on birds. In Numeracy they were working with shapes and in Literacy continuing with their Reading Circles and debates.

This week Class 7 had an introduction to the Exhibition as on Tuesday at the Student Led Conferences they will be finalising their ideas for the subject they will choose. They are well on the way to completing their Leader PowerPoint presentations and ready to do some formatting after capturing all their information. In Literacy they were using connectives in persuasive writing and had to write a letter to persuade me (or not) to introduce a school uniform into BEPS! In Numeracy they have been battling with the area and perimeter of compound shapes and triangles, but they came out on top in the end!

Your child(ren) should have brought home a letter today explaining all about our next BEPS event. The Triple E will take place on Wednesday 27th March, and will be the first of its kind! Please book the morning in your diary, as it certainly shouldn’t be missed.

We are going to have a PTA Meeting on Tuesday 26th March at 09.00. This will be to talk about organising some social events and the Summer Fair. Although the Summer Fair isn’t until Saturday 8th June the time will slip by quickly. Please come and join us at the meeting if you possibly can – the more, the merrier as they say.

Finally, today was Ms. De Weerdt’s last day as she is now starting her Maternity Leave. I am sure that you will join with me in wishing her well during this time, and in hoping that she can rest and relax for a short while before the baby is born. We will keep you posted with her progress.

I will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at the Student Led Conferences, but in the meantime have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett