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Yet another successful Cake Sale. Class 7 needs your help! PTA Meeting.

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Yet another successful Cake Sale. Class 7 needs your help! PTA Meeting.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 19 April 2013, 5:13 PM
Thank you to everybody for supporting the Lion’s Den Cake Sale yesterday. Your generosity means that they now have 223€ to spend. I know that the teachers are already thinking about how this can be spent wisely, and will let you know as soon as they have finalised their plans. Now only the Bear’s Cave Cake Sale remains, and that will be held on Thursday 30th May. Thank you for continued support it is always greatly appreciated.

Although we have only been back a week the children have already achieved many things, and are enthusiastically racing into the final term. Next week I will tell you about what each class is doing and how their Units Of Work are progressing.

In the meantime I would like to let you know that Class 7 have just embarked upon their Exhibition. For those of you that are new to BEPS this is a Unit Of Work that gives the Class 7 children the opportunity to demonstrate the range of skills that they have developed whilst at BEPS and to celebrate their achievements with the rest of the community.

They have each chosen a subject, which they consider to be a real life problem or issue and which they think they can make a difference towards. As always they have come up with some very interesting topics, but were wondering if anybody would be able to help then with their research in any way. Below you will find a list of the children and their topics, please take the time to have a look and see if you are an expert in any of these fields, or if you can help support them in any way. They will be very happy to be able to be able to talk with you, or to borrow any resources you may be willing to share with them. Thank you.

Gabriel – Advertising

Victoria –How Art affects people

Alberta – Cyber bullying

Quentin – Glaciers

Dorsan – Junk food. He is particularly interested in finding out about what goes into junk food

Calliste – Stammering. Do you know anybody that stammers and that would be willing to share their experiences with Calliste?

Fransisco – Looking for a cure for cancer

Daniel – Plastic pollution

Vladimir – Saving water

Bora – Child Labour. He is particularly interested in talking to anybody that works in a charity that is involved with child labour

Amalia – Antarctica and how it is being destroyed

Alexandra – Healthy Eating

Ines – Allergies. She is particularly keen to talk to anybody that is an allergy specialist or has any experience of allergies.

Louis – Homelessness

Akira – Electric and hybrid cars

If you feel that you can help in any way at all, please come up to Class 7 on the landing or contact us at Your help will be greatly appreciated, and it will make their learning experience even more worthwhile. Thank you in advance for any support you can give.

On Thursday 23rd May we will be celebrating our annual International Day. Once again we will be asking for your support on that day. In the past many of you have run activities, which give the children some insight into your home country, and you will remember how much learning and fun happens through these. Our International Day team will be sending a letter to you very soon, but would like to ask you to save the date, so that you can come and share your knowledge and experiences with us. It is always a fantastic day and is one of those special BEPS celebrations.

I would like to remind you that next Thursday (25th April) there will not be any after school clubs. Garderie will take place in Pre-school that afternoon as the main school building and garden will be being used for a 40th Anniversary function.

Finally, the PTA are having a meeting on Tuesday (23rd April) at 09.00 in my office. This will be to discuss their plans for activities for the remainder of the academic year, including the Summer Fair. Please join us if you can, the more support we have the more fun we have. I hope to see you there.

I hope that the sun is going to return for the weekend, we were just getting used to it! Enjoy whatever you are planning to do, and see you all again on Monday.

Best Wishes,

Mandy Porrett