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What’s been happening this week? Please don’t forget the Class 7 Cake Sale next Thursday (19th)

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What’s been happening this week? Please don’t forget the Class 7 Cake Sale next Thursday (19th)
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 13 September 2013, 6:18 PM

Yesterday we had a very lively concert with Mr Marty in the attic. Thank you to the PTA for funding the event. The children enjoyed the experience and were very keen to join in with everything.

 There has been plenty of other learning happening this week. The children have really settled in and it seems as though they have been in their current classes for more than two weeks.

The children in Bear’s Cave have shown what superstars they are. There hasn’t been too much crying and lots of happy faces in their classroom. They have been finding out what it’s like to be in school and certainly seem to think that it’s not too bad after all!  They have celebrated a birthday, been to the library and had PE in the main building along with decorating a school bag for the display board in their classroom.

Now that they are in their second year at BEPS, the children in Lion’s Den are very grown up indeed! This week they have been settling in to their class and learning all their new routines. As they are thinking all about themselves, in their Unit of Work they have been talking about the things they like and dislike, identifying the different parts of their body and expressing different emotions.

 Moving into the main school building is a big step for the Class 1 children, but they too are settling in well. They have been exploring and discovering the Class 1 resources and learning the Class 1 routines. They have been recognising their names and colours and painting rainbows. I am sure they enjoyed listening to the story “Brown Bear What Do You See”. They have now been over to the ULB for PE twice, and the class 6 & 7 children have enjoyed walking over with them and getting to know them all.

In Class 2 they have been thinking about their class ‘Golden Agreements’ to help them learn and play well this year.  As part of their Unit of Work Who Am I they have been looking at blurry and distorted photographs of themselves and their friends to see if they can still identify each other, and if so, how they manage to. In Literacy they have been recognising and writing their own names and the names of their friends and in Numeracy practicing counting up to 20.

Class 3 have just started a most exciting Unit of Work, learning all about Circuses. They made a list of all the things they already know about a circus and then watched a video of a circus performance to identify the range of acts that make up a circus performance. I know that they have an exciting visitor next week; if I tell you that it’s somebody who may be able to make things disappear you may be able to guess what they are.

In Numeracy they’ve been discriminating, blending and segmenting final consonant sounds, which sounds very complicated to me! They have also been concentrating on the letter ‘h’ and making sure that they form it correctly. In Numeracy they’ve been counting on and back in ones using two digit numbers, and discovering how a 100 square works.

If you think learning about the circus is fun, then wait until you realise that Class 4 are learning all about chocolate this half term! In order to prepare them for tasting chocolate later in the Unit they had a senses laboratory, which involved blindfolded testing of the five senses. They have already thought about the things they would like to find out about chocolate and written questions for these. In Literacy they were reviewing capital letters and full stops and making sure that they were using these in their own writing. In Numeracy they compared 3 digit numbers and have portioned them into Hundreds, Tens and Units.

The Class 5 Unit of Work about our Active Planet has seen the children designing a plan for an emergency shelter in BEPS. I hope that we never have the need for such a thing, but will be happy to know that we could be well prepared. In Numeracy they have been reading and writing whole numbers up to 10000 (both in figures and words) and knowing what the value of each digit is. In Literacy they were reviewing their understanding of verbs and recognising words with the suffixes ship, ment and ness.

Myths and Legends are what Class 6 will be learning about in their Unit of Work. They have looked at stories with moral messages and have used their understanding of these to write their own. In Literacy they were also writing stories for younger children, which contain a message. Along with this they were identifying and using the main parts of speech. In Numeracy they have been reading and writing whole numbers and using vocabulary to compare these. They have been working with numbers up to 1000000.

Which leads us finally to Class 7, and I hope that I have a pretty good idea of what has been going on there! For the entry point to the Unit of Work Space Explorers, the children have been set a mission. The International Space Station (ISS) is running dangerously low of supplies. They have to design an experiment, which will enable them to send supplies from Earth. However, they have a limited number of materials and have to cooperate in a group, so the ISS may need to worry!
In Numeracy they have been multiplying and dividing integers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and understanding the effect this has on the numbers. They have been working with numbers from 0.001 up to and beyond 100000. In Literacy they are writing comic strips to demonstrate the eight International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Learning Goals. This is linked with ICT, as they will communicate their results to you through the computer. There will be plenty of photography happening too.

You can see that we have all sprung into learning and from what I have seen there is great enthusiasm across the school. I am sure that next week will continue in the same way, and we will have the first Cake Sale of the year to look forward to!

For those of you that are new to BEPS each Class has the opportunity to organise a Cake Sale across the year. The money that is raised goes directly to the class who ran the sale. This can then be used for something special for the children. Last year much of the money raised was used to take the children on field trips or to have an outside visitor coming into the classroom. Any donations of cakes and cookies for the sale can be brought into my office on the morning of the Cake Sale or directly into the playground at the end of the day, where they are sold at 15.30. Cakes and cookies cost 1€ each, and so you may like to bring some money to spend as there are some amazing bakers at BEPS and their items are very difficult to resist!
The Cake Sale will be on Thursday 19th September, so try not to forget!

The Garderie is also looking for your support. This year they have lots of younger children attending each day and they are in need of some additional toys for them. If you have any unwanted Duplo, Lego, Playmobil or toy cars, which are in good condition, and you are willing to donate to them, they would be very grateful. You can bring them to my office or directly to the garderie. Thank you very much in advance for your support.

I hope that you have enjoyed finding out what has been happening around the school, but I am sure that your child(ren) will be able to tell you far more that I have written here, and so please ask them.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best Wishes,

Mandy Porrett