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Our learning, Bienvenue to BXL course, Photographer, Parent/Teacher Consultations and more

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Our learning, Bienvenue to BXL course, Photographer, Parent/Teacher Consultations and more
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 27 September 2013, 6:24 PM

We have come to the end of another week and I am happy to be able to tell you that despite the noise of drilling that we have had over the last two days the children have been busy learning.

Class 7 are still exploring space and have been learning why there are different phases of the Moon and all about the life cycle of stars. They are studying the Moon each night and recording what they see (although the cloudy evenings are not always helping). They have also written stories explaining what people in the past thought the Moon was and why they thought it changed shape. These are very interesting and range from cheese balls to eyeballs. They have just put the final touches to their autobiographies, and hope that you will stop and read them when they go on display next week. In Numeracy they have been investigating odd and even numbers and looking at common multiples.

The children in Class 6 have also been working with odd and even numbers, and constructing, recognising and completing number patters.  As their Unit of Work is all about myths and legends there has been plenty of story writing taking place. They are currently learning how to make sure that the stories are well sequenced. They too will be very happy for you to read the outcome of their hard work when it is displayed.

Unfortunately Ms. Harper has been absent for the last two days but Ms. Jacques has ensured that the Class 5s have been as busy as usual. Thank you, Ms. Jacques. In Literacy they have been developing their research skills by looking for information about volcanoes. They are learning about volcanoes from across the world, and there are some that I am not sure I have even heard of, so have much to learn from them. They have also found out that there are different sorts of volcanoes and have been labeling their different parts. In Numeracy they’ve been using the 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. They have been finding out how tricky solving word problems can be.

Class 4 are still in chocolate heaven! This week they have been finding out about the main events, dates and characteristics of societies involved in the history of chocolate, and about who brought the first chocolate to Europe. In Literacy they have been looking at the language of advertisements and seeing what makes it different to ‘normal’ language.  They have also been writing about their favourite chocolate bar for their display. In Numeracy they have been understanding the fact that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction, and learning their 2x table.

Class 3 are having fun at the circus and have made mind maps to show everything they know about the circus. In art they have been using collage to make representations of clown faces. In Literacy they have been exploring words that have the sh or ch sound and spelling pattern in them. In Numeracy the children have been practicing counting on and back in 1s and 10s and writing figures up to 100.

The children in Class 2 are finding out all about themselves and each other in their unit “Who Am I”? This week they have been naming and labelling their body parts, as well as talking about their families and making a family tree. In Literacy they have been exploring the letter sounds ‘t’ and ‘i’. In Numeracy the children have been identifying numbers, which are ‘more’ or ‘less’.

Class 1 have been sharing their knowledge about wild animals this week – the different names of animals, the places they live and what they like to eat. They learnt “The Crazy Elephant” song and joined in enthusiastically with the actions. They have been busy counting animals too and started their animal counting books.

This week Lion’s Den looked at how things change. They started looking at the story of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and the different changes the caterpillar went through to become a butterfly. They have also been trying to draw and paint circles.

It has been a very healthy and yummy time in Bear’s cave as they have been exploring apples and pears this week. They had fun playing a sorting game, as well as tasting and observing the different parts of the fruit. They also cooked an apple pie – delicious!

As you can see there has been plenty happening and things will continue in the same way.

I am sure that you are all now aware that the Book Fair will be in BEPS on Monday. It will take place in Class 7. Your child(ren) may like to bring some money to spend, as they will visit the fair with their class. You are also welcome to come and browse throughout the day.

The school photographer’s date has also now been set. They will be in school on Thursday 14th November, and family, individual and class photographs will be taken.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that Parent/Teacher Consultations will be taking place on Tuesday 15th October from 16.00. Appointment times for these will be sent out next week.

Below you will find a reminder about a workshop that is being run for BEPS parents on Tuesday 1st October. Two ex-BEPS parents are running this  (TherapyBXL) and they are hoping that you will be interested in joining this or another of their courses. Please contact them directly if you are interested in joining them and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bienvenue to BXL

 •                How do you feel about moving to Brussels?  

•                How is this different for your partner and your children?

•                Seize the opportunity for change & development

•                Celebrate the start of a new stage in your life

The Bienvenue to BXL workshop offers open discussions, guidance & practical tips to help newcomers adjust to living in Brussels.

It will help you prepare yourself & your family to get the most out of your expat experience, and enable you make friends and meet other new parents at BEPS. This workshop is exclusive to BEPS parents and takes place on Tuesday 1 October 2013, from 9h30 to 12h.The cost is €25 and includes coffee & home baking.

Location: 10, Avenue du Derby, Ixelles, which is 10 min walk from BEPS, with easy and plentiful street parking.
To find out more, or to reserve your place please email

Expat Refresher Course

You’ve built a life in Belgium, but what happened to all those great plans you had?

You feel like an expert expat... but you’re sick of Belgian weather and fed up with expat cliques; your friends keep leaving and your French is going nowhere; you feel like you’re stuck here. Even the most expert expats can suffer from Brussels fatigue.

TherapyBXL is launching the Expat Refresher Course. The course consists of six morning workshops, led by two professional psychologists, and offers discussions, guidance and practical tips.

 We will support you as you reflect on your life here:

•                What do you find good & bad about being an expat?

•                Are your partner’s and your kids’ experiences different from yours?

•                How do you feel about your ‘home’ country?

… and re-evaluate your goals, …

•                Revisit your career plan or think about volunteer work

•                Look ahead to what you want to get out of your life in Brussels

•                Change together: develop your parenting approach as your kids grow

•                Manage houseguests so they don’t drive you mad!

 … enabling you to reboot your expat experience.

The course will take place this autumn at the American Women’s Club of Brussels, Avenue des Erables 1, 1650 Rhode St Genèse, over a series of 6 Thursday mornings, 10h-12h30, and will run from 26 September through 17 October, then from 7 through 14 November 2013.

If you wish to find out more, or to reserve your place, please email:

The cost is €150 and includes tea, coffee & home baking.

I think that now is the time to start thinking about your costumes for the Halloween/Firework party, and of course your entries for the pumpkin carving competition too. Please look at the photographs of last year’s event on the website to see what the standards are like!

Enjoy the weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett