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It's already Friday again.

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It's already Friday again.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 11 October 2013, 5:48 PM

By this time next week, the pumpkins will have been judged and everywhere will be looking a lot spookier than normal. However, there will have been as much learning happening whilst the PTA makes the final preparations as there has been this week.

Bear’s Cave have been learning new vocabulary about spiders. They have been exploring these creepy crawlies through painting, assembling a spider with black paper and rolling play dough to make spider legs.

This week Lion’s Den have been looking at the changes happening to the trees and weather as we head into Autumn. This has given them the opportunity to look at the colours red, yellow, orange, green and brown. They have been busy in class making lots of lovely autumn leaves looking at and experimenting with colours. They have also been learning lots of counting songs.

Class 1 have been exploring animal habitats this week and finding out which animals live where. They learnt a song to help them remember what a habitat is.  In Literacy the children enjoyed the Dear Zoo story and discussed which animals make a good pet. They have also been looking closely at the letters and sounds in their names and made their own using magnetic letters.  In Numeracy there has been lots of counting and the children practiced, in particular, their number 2 formation.

Class 2 have been discussing and sharing their feelings and emotions, and in Art this week they have been creating masks that show different expressions. They have been reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, which has linked into their Numeracy work on knowing the days of the week. In Literacy the children have been developing their sight recognition skills and in phonics they have been exploring the letters c,k and e.

Class 3 went on a trip to the circus on Thursday. No doubt it’s given them some great ideas for their own circus show. The children have also been looking at a world map to identify the continents and oceans. They have been finding out where in the world circus animals come from. In Literacy they have been busy exploring words with ‘o’ spelling patterns and practicing their handwriting and letter formation. Place value has been the subject in Numeracy this week, where the children have been partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and units.

Class 4 have been on a cross curricular exploration to investigate the journey that a cocoa beans undergoes before it becomes a chocolate bar. They have also been looking into which countries are the biggest producers of chocolate and which are the biggest consumers. I think that lots of us come form countries that fall into the second category! As they were organising and interpreting data in lists, tally charts and frequency tables in Numeracy I can see why they were asking everybody in BEPS what their favourite type of chocolate was. I am sure there will be some interesting results. In Literacy they were talking about proper nouns and can now tell you if a word really needs a capital letter or not.

Young scientists have replaced the Class 5 students this week. If you look at the screen in the entrance hall you will see the results. They had to follow instructions to carry out simple experiments to show what happens when a volcano erupts and rock melts. Now they will be able to show you that they understand the scientific process as well as being able to tell you what they found out.  In Literacy they have been finding out about the effects that powerful verbs have on poetry and using similes. In Numeracy they were dividing whole numbers with and without remainders and so have been using their knowledge of division facts and times tables.

Class 6 were very happy to have Ms. Wilkins back with them on Tuesday. They have been writing their own star creation myths, making sure that they include the four main stages. They are then going to communicate these to others during their ICT lessons. I am sure that Oscar will ensure that we all see the results of their creativity, and I am looking forward to the results. In Numeracy they have been recognising and naming all sorts of different triangles; including scalene, equilateral and right angled ones. In Literacy they have been writing scripts and now they are considering how to turn these scripts into the actual play.

Class 7 have been collecting and researching information about space and space exploration to create a timeline. They are then going to use this information to create their own news programme – so watch this space. They have also been proofreading and putting the final touches to their Learner Profile comic strips. This is in conjunction with Oscar and their ICT lessons. In Numeracy they’ve been looking at different ways of communicating and interpreting data. In Literacy they’ve been exploring and developing their understanding of connectives, and have banished use of the word but.

I am sure that you have noticed all of the new displays that have sprung up across the school. Please take the time to have a look at them all. If you are not sure where your child’s work can be found, I am sure they will be happy to show you. Also take the time to look at other classes work; you will see what they have been learning about too.

Please remember that next week Parent/Teacher Consultations will be taking place. If for any reason you will be unable to make your appointment, please call and let us know.

The autumnal weather seems to have arrived, which is great for the Halloween atmosphere, but let’s hope the rain stays away for next Saturday’s party.  I hope you are going to spend the weekend thinking about your costumes and pumpkin carving designs, and generally getting ready for next weekend.

Enjoy yourselves.

Best Wishes.

Mandy Porrett