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Entries for the Pumpkin Carving Competition and everything we hope you need to know about Saturday's party.

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Entries for the Pumpkin Carving Competition and everything we hope you need to know about Saturday's party.
by Mandy Porrett - Thursday, 17 October 2013, 4:10 PM

If you are entering the pumpkin carving competition, please do not bring your pumpkins into the school building tomorrow. They rot very quickly when they are inside and so please take them straight outside to the garden where the class 7 children will be able to show you where to put them. I am looking forward to seeing how creative everybody has been this year. Good luck!

Once again the PTA have been working incredibly hard to ensure the success of the Halloween/Firework party, and I would like to thank them for this. Without them this event would not be possible.

Please read the information below to find out everything you need to know about the party.

The gates for the party will open at 5.30 pm. on Saturday and only people that have volunteered to help in the first session will be allowed to enter before this time. Everybody else will need to queue until 5.30 pm. when they will be allowed to enter. For safety reasons only people who have purchased tickets will be allowed into the party. Please remember to bring your ticket with you as this will speed up entry.

Activities will finish at 7.30 pm. The fireworks will be set off at 7.45 pm.

All of the activities except the Spook Room will take place outside. To make sure that the weather will not adversely affect these, the outside area will be fully covered, so please don’t be put off if the weather is not good.

Only the basement of the main building will be in use and nobody should be anywhere else inside the school. This is to make tidying up and cleaning after the party much easier. You will have to enter the Spook Room through the main front door and go down the wooden stairs that are usually out of bounds to get there. The toilets by Class 1 will be available should you need them.

The tickets you spend at the party on will be on sale during the evening. They will cost 5€ for a strip of 10 tickets.
You will be able to buy the glow in the dark items with cash, but for everything else you will need tickets.

When you arrive and leave on Saturday, please remember that you will not be able to walk through the playground, as the fireworks will have been set up. The playground will be out of bounds for the whole evening. Please park on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt.

The activities will finish at 7.30 pm. At this time please make your way into the garden. The barbecue and bar will remain open, so it will be a good opportunity to buy a drink and something to eat before the fireworks begin. For your safety, please make sure that you and your children stand in the designated area.

Some children find the noise the fireworks very loud and wearing earplugs may help them to enjoy the fireworks without being scared.

Please look after your children and belongings during the evening. There will be many people present and we want to ensure the safety of everybody and everything.

We hope that you will enjoy the evening, lots of hard work has gone into preparing for it, so come along and have fun!

If you have any questions, please come and ask. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and support.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett