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What has been happening this week?

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What has been happening this week?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 8 November 2013, 6:32 PM

I think we must have had a record number of wet playtimes this week, and that there can’t be much rain left in the clouds. However, I also know that the Class 4 children will soon be able to set me straight and tell me if we really could run out of rain. They have started their new Unit of Work, which is all about water. They have started by investigating the different types of water there are and how they are used. In Literacy they were learning more about the long e sound and how it can be made using the letters ‘ie’ and ‘y’, and were matching verbs with nouns. In Numeracy they were adding a one-digit number to two and three digit numbers that bridged multiples of 10. They have also started to add and subtract 9 and 11 from two digit numbers.

Class 5 have also started their new Unit of Work and are going to be learning all about money and trade. They started the Unit by thinking about advertising and how we are persuaded to buy products. They had to present an advertisement and pitch to the class to try and persuade them to buy their product. In Literacy they drafted interview questions to ask their parents and grandparents to help them find out how the way of paying for things has changed over time. In Numeracy they were using tally marks to create frequency tables and then learning how to use this information to draw a graph.

You may find yourself being asked questions about your impressions of Belgium by the Class 6 children. They are now looking at how artists see the world and have started by thinking about Belgium and how they can convey their impressions of Belgium through a range of arts. In Literacy they have been ordering narratives and identifying different parts, particularly looking at the difference between climax and anti climax. I understand that there has been some writing where people have had unfortunate outcomes! In Numeracy they have been converting between centimetres, metres and kilometres and grams and kilograms. They were then really stretching their brains and converting between miles and kilometres.

Class 7 have also started a new Unit of Work this week. They are going to be thinking about rulers and governments in their Unit Champions for Change. They also started their unit by testing their powers of persuasion, and each made a speech aiming to persuade their classmates that their chosen sport was the best. After listening to each other’s presentations and marking them on a number of pre-agreed criteria, the most persuasive person in 7P was announced. Galadriel convinced everybody that they should take up the sport of Qwan Ki Do, but was closely followed by Lilou and Yosra who had chosen skiing and the Heptathlon respectively. In Literacy they were looking at collective nouns and created some amazing new ones, which will be on display in our classroom very soon. In numeracy they were adding and subtracting using different methods and strategies.

Everyone in Bear’s Cave is glad to be back in school after the holidays. The children have all settled in well and are happy to welcome a new friend into their class.

This week Lion’s Den have been looking at fruits. They have been painting, making and playing with lots of different kinds of fruit. In numeracy they have been continuing to sing counting songs and counting by rote.

Class 1 had a surprise visit from a ‘crazy’ elephant this week, who asked them to hunt for animals that had been hidden around the classroom. The children then used a graph to help them count how many animals they had found. They have also been busy learning about the letter ‘s’ - the sound it makes in words, sorting objects to make a ‘silly soup’, as well as finding words and drawing pictures beginning with that sound.

It’s been an exciting week in Class 2 when a magical parcel appeared in the classroom. They discovered a mysterious letter setting them a challenge.  They had to work in pairs to make toys for the magic toymaker. He was so amazed at the results that he left them all special goodies! They’ve also managed to fit in some adding and are continuing to work on their reading and writing skills.

Class 3 finished off their Circus unit by performing the circus show for their buddies. Both performers and the audience really enjoyed themselves. In Numeracy the children have been working on number bonds up to 10. In Literacy they have been practicing finding and using capital letters and full stops in sentences and have been exploring the different spelling patterns for the long ‘e’ vowel sound.

The week seems to have gone very quickly and as the next two weeks are both only four day weeks November will be over before we realise it. You will be receiving information about lots of our Winter events over the next couple of weeks and so please read your e-mails and check the blue bags.

After quite a long break we’ve had several cases of head lice in school over recent weeks. Apparently there I would like to stress that this is a common childhood problem and ask you to check your child(ren) on a regular basis. If we notice that your child has head lice we will telephone you and ask you to come and collect them so that they can be treated as quickly as possible. If you would like further information about head lice we think the website below is a good place to look.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.

I would also like to inform you that Class 7 have just spent the money that you helped them raise through their Cake Sale in September. We put this money towards the cost of an iPad Air, and are now the proud owners of this piece of technology. We received it yesterday and are now looking forward to investigating the different ways we can use this new learning tool within the classroom. We will let you know how it is being used and hope you will see signs of this very soon. Thank you again for your contributions and generosity.

As you know, there isn’t any school on Monday, so please enjoy the long weekend. Let’s hope the rain has passed by Tuesday and that we can get back to normal outside playtimes once again.

Best Wishes,

Mandy Porrett