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The weekend has arrived very quickly!

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The weekend has arrived very quickly!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 15 November 2013, 6:18 PM

Only having a four-day week has meant that the weekend has arrived very quickly. Next week will seem the same for the children, as there is no school for them on Friday (22nd November). Teachers will be in school as we have an INSET Day and will be having some ICT training and reviewing how we teach spelling and handwriting.

As you are aware security is very important to us and we want to ensure that the children in BEPS are as safe as they possibly can be. Please support us in this by ensuring that you close the gate when you enter or leave the playground from Avenue Victoria, or the front or side door when you come into the school itself.

If you do not have a security tag, which enables you to open the back gate and the side door, please see Dominique to find out how you can get one. Thank you for your support.

On Thursday (21st November) it is Class 5’s turn to have a Cake Sale. Any donations of cakes and cookies for the sale can be brought into my office on the morning of the Cake Sale or directly into the playground at the end of the day, where they are sold at 15.30. Cakes and cookies cost 1€ each and so you may like to bring some money to spend. There are always lots of amazing cakes and they are always too difficult to resist (or maybe that’s just me!). As always the money that is raised will be given to the class to spend on something they will all benefit from. Thank you in advance for your support.

It seems as though the colder weather is due to start next week. To make sure that the children are warm and comfortable when they go outside at playtimes please send them to school in a warm coat. As their hands get cold very quickly gloves are also important. Ski gloves or mittens (for the younger children) are the best option as woollen or fleece ones get wet and can become very uncomfortable. They may also need a hat and scarf. Please make sure that all of these items are clearly labelled with their name, as they tend to stray from their owners very easily!

The last of the Garderie children have just left and the building is quiet once again, so it must mean that it’s time to go home too. Enjoy the weekend.

Beat Wishes

Mandy Porrett