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This week's learning. A Cake Sale. 'The Library'

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This week's learning. A Cake Sale. 'The Library'
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 22 November 2013, 8:33 PM

Another short week is over. It will be good to be back to normal next week as we have plenty to fit in to the weeks before the winter holidays.

During the last four days the children have accomplished a lot.

It’s been a colourful week in Bear’s cave as they have been discovering the colour red. They also made a pizza together, which was enjoyed by all.

This week Lion’s Den have been looking at fruits and vegetables. They have made vegetable pizzas and paper pizzas! They have been busy practicing their pencil control by drawing zigzags. They have also been talking about how they need to dress up warmly at playtime for the cold weather with mittens, hats, scarves, warm coats and boots.

Class 1 have enjoyed discovering the storybook characters Elmer the elephant from the Elmer stories, and Rosie the hen from Rosie’s Walk. With Rosie’s help the children have been learning positional language such as over, under, beside and through. After listening to the Elmer story the children discussed how differences make us special. They also explored patterns and designed a pattern for their own elephant, as well as going on a pattern hunt around the school. Look out for their enormous Elmer, which will be displayed very soon. In phonics they have been working on the letter sound ‘t’.

Class 2 have recently visited a toy museum and started off their week by discussing all the different toys that they saw there. They have also been busy sorting toys by the materials that they are made of and finding out how different forces can make toys move. In Literacy they have been exploring the letter sounds ‘l’ and ‘u’, as well as word building with 3 letter words. In Numeracy the children have been practicing counting back and saying the number that is one less.

The children in class 3 are enjoying being Time Detectives, and this week they have made a picture timeline to show how things evolve over time. In Literacy they have been discovering and recognising action words, in addition to exploring spelling patterns for the long ‘u’vowel sound. In Numeracy they’ve been ticking along nicely learning how to tell the time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour on analogue and digital clocks.

Class 4 Have been learning about Claude Monet and been reproducing one of his pieces of art. I am looking forward to seeing these when they are displayed. In Literacy they have been writing stories about the journey of a raindrop after reading a version of one and identifying the powerful language in it. In Numeracy they have been measuring and comparing capacities using litres and millilitres and moving on to solving word problems involving capacity.

In Class 5 the children have been looking at maps with different scales. They have also identified which country uses which currency on a map of the World. If you are planning a holiday they will be able to tell you which currency you will need there. In Literacy they have been getting to grips with vocabulary they are using and going to use in their Unit of Work, to enable them to use it in their writing, They have been practicing and demonstrating what they know about tally charts and frequency tables by carrying out a survey across the school. Then they were interpreting them to discover what people would like to be able to buy from the snack shop.

They would also like to thank you for your support with their Cake Sale yesterday. With your generous support they raised a total of 182€, which they are going to put towards a field trip later in the academic year.

Our Class 6 artists have been finishing their impressionist paintings and finding out about Japanese block printing. They also prepared a drawing in pencil and then ink in preparation for their own printing experience. In Literacy they wrote a story from the point of view of a passenger on The Titanic, recounting the final hours of the sinking and how they were rescued. After completing their 3D shapes in Numeracy they started talking about addition and adding to reach the next 10, 100 and 1000, including decimals.

Class 7 are busily producing manifestos for each of the BEPS houses. Horta, Herge, Magritte and Sax will be trying to persuade you to vote for them to run our school. They have many promises, which they say they will fulfil and many new and exciting ways to improve our school. Watch out, because they will be out to catch your vote in the very near future. In Literacy they were learning how to use the active and passive voice in their writing and have been learning ‘Winter Time’ a poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson for their vocabulary and spelling task. They will record themselves reciting the poem on Monday in to enable them to hear how well they can project their voices in preparation for the Winter Concert. In Numeracy they were working with fractions by changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, recognising equivalent fractions and ordering fractions. All of which sounds much easier than it actually was!

Next week will be another busy one. On Tuesday (26th November) the singer and storyteller Courtney Campbell will be in school to entertain the children. We are very happy that she is coming to visit us again and I know that the children have seen her in the past are very excited that she is coming back again. Then on Thursday we will have the first showings of the pieces for our Winter Concert, and we will be sending home information about the children’s involvement in this years Christmas tree decorations, so be ready for some creativity!

I would like to tell you about an opportunity that one of our Pre-school children’s parents would like to offer you. Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld has opened ‘The Library’ would like to offer you.

“The Library is a new concept just opened in Brussels; a members-only, business centre, co-working club and event venue which combines Belgian charm and Scandinavian design. The Danish founder, Anne-Sofie Rehfeld, seeks to provide a new type of work environment that is both inspirational and cosy.”

She would like to offer BEPS parents one month of co-working for free. She says that this will make it easy to try it out and to give you the opportunity to become part of ‘The Library’ community. There are flexible prices for parents, who work part time, and is really is tailored to working parents.

To make use of the offer, you can contact her directly on 049 73 82 847 or at

More information is available on

We have just finished a very profitable INSET day today and have seen lots of ways that an iPad can be used as an additional tool in the classroom.

I hope that the children have enjoyed their extra day at home and you all have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett