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A message from the PTA

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A message from the PTA
by Mandy Porrett - Monday, 2 December 2013, 11:17 AM

Dear BEPS Parents,

The PTA has been an integral part of the BEPS community over many years. Despite turnover of PTA members due to the international nature of our school, the PTA has organised and supported many wonderful activities within the school, like the Halloween party, Summer Fair, visit of Saint Nicolas, Courtney Campbell etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify some things regarding the work of the PTA and ask for your continuous support going forward. In order to do that we feel we should make sure the PTA is as transparent as possible and suggest that we put in place a kind of structure which makes it easy for everybody to understand what PTA people do, how raised money is being managed, how we are an advocate for common issues. The roles as we currently see them are as follows:

- President

- Secretary/Vice President

- Treasurer

- New Family Coordinator (point of contact for new families, make them feel welcome, navigate BEPS community etc)

- Class Representatives Coordinator (each class has 1 or 2; be central point of contact for the PTA)

- Fundraising Coordinator (responsible for fundraising activities throughout the year in close cooperation with treasurer)

- Event Coordinators (min. 2); PTA organises many events throughout the year, big and small.

People have assumed these roles on an interim basis so far. However, we would like to invite all parents to come forward and let us know if they are interested to take responsibility for a certain role as to make sure we represent as many different people as possible. The plan is to have bi-monthly meetings together to discuss activities and future plans. In addition, we would like to set up a structural dialogue between the PTA and management of the school, that is, Mr. Sorensen, Ms. De Waal, Ms. Hertay, and Ms. Porrett. In this dialogue, the PTA can be the voice of all parents.

Becoming involved in the PTA is not as huge a commitment as you may think and is a great way for you to get involved with the school, understanding school processes, meet other parents and influence the environment your children are learning in.

If you feel that you can not commit to a certain role at this time, there will be plenty of opportunity throughout the school year to volunteer for specific activities.

Please email the PTA: to let us know what role you would be interested in, no later than December 9. Soon after we will report back to let you know the outcome. We will then be ready to go with the start of the new calendar year.