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by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 31 January 2014, 6:19 PM

It is hard to believe that today is the last day of January. I think the weeks just go by more quickly than ever, but maybe that’s just because there is so much learning taking place. This week has been no exception as you will see.

Polar bears were the theme in Bear’s Cave this week as they continued learning about winter and in particular cold places. During circle time the children looked at pictures of polar bears and talked about what they could see. They also had fun making polar bears with shaving cream and glue.

Lion’s Den have been exploring pirates and looking for treasure, culminating in a hunt for real treasure today! They have had great fun pretending to be pirates, learning new words and making lots of lovely pirate crafts.The letter of the week was the letter a. They discovered that many children have a letter ‘a’ in their name. They also learnt the Jolly Phonics song “ A, a, ants on my arm”.

Mums and Dads were the topic of conversation in class 1 this week.  The children have listened to stories about them, talked about them and have even cut them out and dressed them! They made lots of lovely comments about their own mums and dads. The children have enjoyed exploring the popoids this week too, and have used them to construct people and animals. They also focused on the letter e.

Class 2 have been developing their sense of touch throughout the week. They used a feely bag to discover different materials, and have been thinking of words to describe all the different textures. In Literacy the children have been busy writing sentences and exploring the letter sounds y and x.  They have also been counting up to 100 in Numeracy, and have used the 100 square to explore patterns.

Class 3 have continued to learn more about houses this week, in particular different houses around the world and how climate affects the way they are built. In Literacy the children have been exploring non-fiction books and how they are used.  They have also been reviewing the long ‘e’ vowel sound and spelling patterns. They have enjoyed comparing, estimating and measuring the length of different objects in Numeracy. They discovered that to measure accurately they need a unit of measure, and then practiced measuring with a ruler in centimetres.

In Class 4 they have been busy learning about the planets so that they could create a display about our solar system. During this research they looked at how the Sun, Moon and Earth interact and how this in turn relates to day and night. In Numeracy they have been looking at alternative words for said and consolidating their understanding of speech marks. Then they practiced using these by writing an alternative ending to a story about a hippo and a monkey. It sounds like an interesting story with two such characters. In Numeracy they have developed their time telling and have now moved on to using the hour, half hour and quarter hour and in some instances even five minutes. This means they must be getting more and more accurate, and won’t be late now!

Class 5 have been learning what nutrients are and how much of each they should be eating to ensure they have healthy life style. They looked at the Food Pyramid and then showed their understanding by designing their own. I am sure that they now know which are the foods they should be eating, although it’s not always easy to make the right choice. They have also learnt how to read the labels that they find on food packaging, and so will be checking these too now. In Literacy they were talking about the suffix ‘ive’ and finding and understanding words with this. Now they will be able to use these words in their own writing. In Numeracy they have been identifying triangles and polygons and naming them and classifying them by their properties.

The Class 6 scientists have been investigating the principles behind floating and sinking and magnetism this week. They were predicting, experimenting, observing and then recording their findings. All of this is linked to helping make their fairground rides that extra bit impressive. I am looking forward to seeing the final results. In Literacy they were developing their reading comprehension skills and in Numeracy working with multiplication and division. They have also spent time investigating multiples.

 Class 7 have been developing their understanding and knowledge of biomes by thinking about weather and climate this week. They have been designing weather-recording instruments and you should soon see these out in the garden where they will be collecting data about precipitation, wind speed and direction and temperature. In conjunction with researching into the structure of the Earth, they read an extract from the Jules Verne classic – ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. (Luckily there was also an abridged and far easier to understand version of the book in the library too and so everybody could enjoy the text.) They are now writing their own Journey to the Centre of the Earth stories based on an illustration they drew. In Numeracy they have been adding and subtracting decimals and numbers up to 10,000, but have had to approximate the answers too. They became far better at approximating as the week progressed. Their Homework for the weekend is to make a model to show the structure of the Earth, and I am looking forward to seeing the results on Monday.

If you ordered a copy of the Winter Concert DVD your child(ren) should have brought it home today. I am sure that even by now, many of them will have been viewed as the children were very excited to receive them. It will be fun for them to see themselves and their friends and the concert from beginning to end.

As you already know next Thursday (6th February) it is Book Day at BEPS. I have heard lots of the children discussing the costumes they are going to wear, but am still waiting for some inspiration for my own. The children have tried coming up with some suggestions for me, but I am not too sure about dressing up as Winnie The Pooh, although apparently it only really involves painting myself yellow!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and that the Book Day costume preparations are going well.

See you all on Monday.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett