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Celebrating International Mother Language Day. Class 2 Cake Sale success.

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Celebrating International Mother Language Day. Class 2 Cake Sale success.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 21 February 2014, 6:08 PM

We can certainly say that we have learnt lots whilst celebrating International Mother Language Day as well as having great fun. The children have been excitedly sharing the books that they brought to school with them. Whilst looking at them they spotted differences and similarities between the letters used in the languages, and this caused plenty of interest and discussion. Children were happy to teach each other some words in their home language, and also to show them how to write their names and other words. Class 2B were amazed to find out that out of the fourteen children in the class, thirteen different languages were used at home. It is definitely a date to put on the calendar for next year.

The classes have been busy as usual, but Class 2 has been the busiest by far. They spent the beginning of the week preparing a senses workshop for their parents.  On Thursday, the children did a great job at showing just how knowledgeable they are, and enjoyed helping their parents to discover their different senses. There were some very messy things to feel and there are photographs to show just how much fun the parents had feeling them! In addition to this, they continued developing their Literacy skills by identifying, reading and writing the ‘th’ sound and in Numeracy they developed their understanding of the vocabulary used to describe position.

As you know they also held their Cake Sale on Thursday and would like to thank you for your support as they raised a fantastic 218€. When they know what they are going to spend it on they will tell you.

Class 3 have been finding answers to questions about bridges this week. They were also challenged to work as a team to build a bridge that would support a 30g weight, using only 2 blocks and 1 piece of paper. This task certainly put their collaborative, thinking and problem solving skills to the test! In numeracy the children learnt how to sort, organise and interpret information in a block graph and pictogram, as well as recognising odd and even numbers.

Class 1’s Unit of Work all about Family and Friends is drawing to a close and this week the children took part in activities that demonstrated what they have learned. During one activity, the children were asked to build a family using the ‘popoids’. It was great to see the children working as a team, helping each other and sharing their knowledge and understanding about families. They have also been busy learning about the letter ‘m’ by making a meal and coming up with ideas for an alliterative sentence.

There has been a lot of clowning around in Bear’s Cave this week as they started their new unit about Carnival. During circle time the children looked at and described the clothes clowns wear, including their hats, wigs and face paints. They also made a clown shirt and plan to use rollers to paint a bowtie to complete their clown outfit next week.  Then they will dress up in their wonderful outfits and have a clown party!

This week Lion’s Den also started a new unit. It’s all about transport. Next week the children will be taking a closer look at the different kinds of transport that go on or in the sea. They also linked their work on shapes to make cars with triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. The letter i made an appearance and they discovered there are not many words that start with the letter i sound!

Class 4 are continuing to learn about time and have been finding out how the Earth is divided into different time zones. To help them with this they have also been finding out how to locate countries and places using latitude and longitude on a globe. In Literacy they have been writing the middle and the end of their time travel stories, and in Numeracy have been bridging 10 to help them when subtracting. They have also been brushing up on their 4 times table.

Class 5 have been looking carefully at what they’ve been eating this week. They have used their knowledge of food labels to help them record the food they consume in a day. They have also been developing balanced menus, and learning how important dental hygiene is for their teeth.
In Literacy they are continuing to develop their poetry skills (you must have seen their display of shape poems) by writing a haiku, which is not a very easy task. In Numeracy they have been finding out what the difference between area and perimeter is and calculating the perimeter of shapes.

If you need to know anything about ears and hearing Class 6 are the people to ask. They will be able to tell you about the different parts of the ear and how they function. They have also been discovering how sound travels and what it travels through best.
In Literacy the class has been divided into pairs and are working together to write a debate. They need to formulate an introduction, their arguments and a conclusion to ensure that they can communicate their opinions to others clearly.
In Numeracy they have been identifying polygons and looking at their properties, alongside learning about area.

If you need to learn more about Belgium or are planning a trip around the country during the half term holiday then you should go and ask Class 7 where you should go and what you should see. They have been making brochures for tourists and so can tell you everything you need to know. In Literacy they have started to write diaries from the perspective of a victim of an environmental event such as an earthquake, tsunami or flood, and will be writing from the perspective of an aid agency worker experiencing the same event next week.
In Numeracy they have been converting fractions to decimals and learning some very clever tests for divisibility.

We are happy to tell you that next Thursday and Friday (27th and 28th February) Ms. De Weerdt will be attending the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Mother Tongue Conference. The focus of the conference is ‘Developing Multi Literate Global Citizens’. We will be looking forward to her sharing her experiences and learning with us when she returns.

Apart from this at the moment next week seems to be fairly quiet, without any events or special activities. This will give the children the opportunity to have a calm week in which to wrap up their learning before the half term holiday.

It’s great to see that the evenings are starting to draw out now, and that although Garderie is almost over it is still light outside.
Enjoy the weekend. See you all again on Monday.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team.