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A week with some unexpected but exciting news.

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A week with some unexpected but exciting news.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 21 March 2014, 5:54 PM

Thank you to everybody that attended the Student Led Conferences on Tuesday. The children loved sharing their learning and having the opportunity to teach their parents. Alongside the serious business of learning, setting goals and wishes there were plenty of smiles and lots of laughter. It is surely up there as one of the best days you can experience at BEPS.

If you have requested a Parent/Teacher consultation for next Tuesday (25th March) you should have received an appointment time in your child’s blue bag when they came home today. If there are any problems with this, please talk to the teacher involved. Thank you.

The Class 1 Cake Sale was a great success and choosing from the many amazing goodies on display was as hard as ever. Thanks to your generosity and support they raised a total of 210€, which I am sure they are looking forward to putting to good use. It is hard to believe that there are now only two more cake sales until the end of the academic year.

Ms. Hertay was very surprised to see the whole of Upper School running on the spot in the attic when she was showing a prospective parent our school this afternoon. This was because Class 5 were sharing their learning from their Unit of Work on Health and Fitness with us. Firstly they explained what they had learnt about in class and then shared some of their Music activities with us. Hence, the exercise! They did a great job and the exercise routines they had developed were particularly exciting. Thank you Class 5.

By now you will have heard about the exciting plans for the renovation of the Pre-school building. Now really is the time to be involved in or to be joining our Pre-school! The result of the work is going to be amazing and will transform the space into something special, which the children and teachers deserve. We can hardly wait for the work to be completed and are sure that there will be plenty of people visiting the youngest children when it is.

In the meantime it will be great to have the Pre-school children over in the main building, they will feel very grown up indeed. However, they won’t feel quite as grown up as our Class 5 students who are going to be learning in the Lycee Moliere (the building next door) until June. There will be lots of changes in the school for a while, but we are sure you will agree that it is all for a very good cause.

Next week everybody will be very busy getting ready for the necessary moves, but there will also be other things happening too.

The Bear’s Cave children must be very excited about their trip to the zoo on Thursday and we know that people are also looking forward to the Brocante Sale, which will be taking place in the playground on Sunday 30th March. This will be between 10.00 and 12.00, so please join us if you can.

If you are interested in your child(ren) joining a Holiday Club at BEPS during the Easter holiday, please return the form you received regarding this as soon as possible. Thank you.

The weekend is here now and the rain has stopped, but people have said that although spring is meant to have started the weather may not be reflecting this. We can only wait and see.

 Enjoy the weekend.

The Leadership Team.