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This week and next week.

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This week and next week.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 28 March 2014, 5:28 PM

Alongside all of the learning that has been taking place this week, some classes have been preparing for the move to their new, temporary classes. They will be moving into these on Monday and will be there for the next few weeks. We would like to thank the teachers that have had to pack up their classes along with Luc and Ricardo who have been moving items from one place to another. Without their patience and support this would not have been possible. As always, the most important aspect in all of this is the children and we are doing our very best to ensure that this will be nothing other than a positive experience for them all. Thank you for your support and cooperation too.

Thank you to those of you that attended Parent/Teacher Consultations on Tuesday. It is always important for teachers to talk with you about the progress your child(ren) are making and to think about how they can make the best progress in the future.

You may have heard that yesterday there were extra bears at Planckendael (animal park) when the Bear’s Cave children went to visit. This trip was linked with their Unit of Work all about the zoo. Despite the rain they all had a fantastic time, and came home full of new experiences but were rather tired too. However, they were ready to go back again today! Thank you to the parents that supported An, Reny and Jessie by joining them on this trip, such help is always greatly appreciated.

It looks as though the sun is going to shine for the PTA Brocante on Sunday morning. This will happen in the playground between 10.00 and 12.00. There are going to be more than 20 tables of items on sale, along with cakes and tea and coffee. Please come and join us if you possibly can, you may well be able to pick up a bargain or two.

It is hard to believe that there is only one more week of school before we break up for the holidays again, but we will be making the most of that week. On Wednesday we will have the BEPS Spring Fling when eggs will be catapulted into the garden to test the aerodynamics and durability of your World Cup designs. Each class will have an appointed time and if you would like to come and see your child(ren)’s entry catapulted you are very welcome to come and watch. The times are as follows:

9:15 Class 1

9:45 Class 4

10:15 Classes 5/6

10:45 Class 3

11:15 Classes 2/7

11:45 Pre-School

We would just like to remind you that the entries will be awarded points in three categories:

1. Elegance – How beautiful your container looks

2. Distance - How far your egg travels

3. Resistance – How your egg survives the landing (there is an extra point if it remains unbroken)

There are also some rules:

As 2014 is a football World Cup year, all entries must have a World Cup theme.

Your egg must be a raw chicken’s egg (no boiled, chocolate or quail’s eggs, please).

There are no other limitations, just as long as our team of famous aeronautical engineers (who will be cunningly disguised as Class 7) can easily and safely open your container!

All entries will need to be handed to the class teacher to be given a secret identification number on either Monday 31st March or Tuesday 1st April. Sorry but any entries after that will just be for fun!

We hope that lots of you will join in this event as the more people that join in, the more fun we have. Prizes will be awarded in Assembly on Friday 4th April.

There will also be more egg fun on Thursday when the PTA are organising Egg Hunts for all of the children. We are sure that this will be lots of fun too.

As we are finishing a term next Friday it will be a half-day and the school day will end at 12.30. There will not be any garderie on that day, and so all children will need to be collected at 12.30.

Finally, a child in Class 2 has lost their scooter. It is a small, red one and was left near the bike racks by Pre-school. If you have seen it anywhere, please let us know. Thank you.

We will see you all an hour sooner than usual after the weekend as the clocks spring forward on Saturday into Sunday. So, please remember to put your clocks forward.

See you next week.

The Leadership Team