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….and now the holiday can begin.

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….and now the holiday can begin.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 4 April 2014, 3:07 PM

The incredibly short half term has come to an end but unfortunately the sun isn’t shining to celebrate the beginning of the holiday. However, we were lucky enough to have sunshine during the week, which ensured that the builders could make a great start on the Pre-school work.

It also meant that the Spring Fling took place under a blue sky and in the sunshine. The children all enjoyed watching their eggs being catapulted across the garden, with a few even making it over the fence and into the playground!

After some very complicated calculations the winners were:

Augustin, Maia, Chiara, Sota, Hugo, Marc, Tess, Maite, Tomas, Charlie, Greta and Nikita.

Well done to all of them, but also to everybody else that entered the competition. We all know that the more entries there are the more fun the event is. In total there were 105 eggs catapulted and of those 58 survived the journey.

We are sure that you will join with us in thanking Luc for demonstrating his catapulting skills, and to the Class 7 children for running the event. You will be able to see photographic evidence of all of this if you look on the website in the photographs of school events section. The Class 7 children took all the photographs and they hope you enjoy them. Look carefully in the sky to spot some high flying eggs!

The fun continued on Thursday when the PTA organised an Egg Hunt for everybody. The children from Bear’s Cave to Class 7really enjoyed hunting for eggs in the garden, and  eating them afterwards. We would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the children to the PTA Easter Bunnies that oragnised the day and hid the eggs so well. Thank you.

Thinking of the PTA we would like to remind you to save the date for the Summer Fair. It will take place on Saturday 14th June, so if you haven’t already done so, please mark it on your calendars. More information regarding this will follow.

Please remember that school reopens on Tuesday 22nd April. We will be happy to welcome three new children and their families to BEPS at that time too.

We are sure that the children will be happy to hear that Lion’s Den will be having their Cake Sale on Thursday 24th April, so there is already something to look forward to in the first week of the Summer term.

Enjoy your holidays and make sure that you keep safe and return in one piece, especially if you are heading off to ski somewhere.

Happy holidays.

The Leadership team.