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How much did the Lion's Den Cake Sale raise? Other news.

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How much did the Lion's Den Cake Sale raise? Other news.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 25 April 2014, 4:44 PM

It was lovely to see everybody back after the Easter holiday, looking refreshed and ready to go again.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome five new children and their families to BEPS.
The new faces you will see are:
Come in Bears Cave, Hypolyte in Lion’s Den, Filipa in Class 1, Junwoo in 2M and Seok Wan in 5H.
We hope that they will all settle into life at BEPS very quickly and that they will be looking forward to coming back to school after the weekend.

As you may have noticed, some work was carried out in the playground over he Easter break. The equipment was checked for safety and any necessary repairs were made. As the see-saw was beyond repair it was removed. The area around the play equipment was flattened and a large quantity of new wood chips were put down. This work was carried out as an interim measure, to ensure that the playground is safe for the remainder of the school year. However, we are also looking into a larger renovation plan, which will take place during the Summer holidays.

Yesterday Lion’s Den held their Cake Sale, and were lucky enough to have probably the best weather for those held this year.  As usual there were some very tempting cakes and cookies and I think that nearly everybody must have bought one. They raised 161€ and are deciding how best they can spend the money. Thank you to everybody that baked and sent in goodies and to everybody that came to buy something, but particularly to the group of parents that organised and ran the event.

We would like to thank those of you that have returned your Enrolment Forms for the next school year (2014/2015). If you haven’t done so yet, please can you send them into school on Monday (28th April). We are already thinking about the next academic year and having this information will help us with our planning. If you need another copy of the form Dominique will be happy to give you one. Thank you.

Thinking about forms, the PTA would also like to remind you to return the form indicating which project(s) you would like to see the money they raise used for. You should have received these in the Blue Bag earlier this week. If you haven’t already returned your form it isn’t too late.

We ended the week with Buddies this afternoon and the sunshine encouraged some groups out into the garden and the bois. Let’s hope that this weather continues and that we can have more outside activities in the weeks to come.

Finally we would like to remind you that school will be closed next Thursday and Friday (1st and 2nd May) and so next week will be another short week. It will come as a shock when we have a full school week once again!

Enjoy the weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team