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Everything you need to know about the Halloween/Firework party and more....

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Everything you need to know about the Halloween/Firework party and more....
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 17 October 2014, 5:31 PM

Another week has passed and of course as it has progressed the children have been getting more and more excited about tomorrow’s party.  You will find everything you need to know about that at the end of this message.

On Tuesday we celebrated Maths Day at BEPS and the children spent the day involved in Maths activities linked to stories. We are sure that your child(ren) will have told you all about what they did in their classroom and are sure that there will be evidence of it around their rooms.

Yesterday evening the PTA event at Etiquette Wines proved to be popular. It was great to see people getting to know each other whilst enjoying a drink. We would like to thank Cindy Zang and Hilary Foster from the PTA for organising the evening and hope that there will be other such opportunities to socialise in the future.

The children are enjoying their new playground, but we have recognised that when the new surface is damp it becomes very slippery. We wanted to see if this was normal and contacted the company that laid it. Apparently this is usual as there is a thin layer of glue on the surface. This will naturally wear off as it is used, and we can already see that this is the case. Areas, which are well used are already not slippery anymore, however, we have asked the children to take care on the surface until this is the case everywhere.

Next Friday Class 3 will be visiting the circus. This is linked to their Unit of Work and will help them with the preparation for their own circus show in November. We are sure that they will have a great time, and see many exciting things.

Dates for your diary:

27th – 31st October Half Term holiday. School ends at 15.30.
4th November (19.00 – 20.00) Informal evening on Language acquisition and bilingualism development

10th and 11th November – No School

Finally, we hope that below you will find everything you need to know to help you enjoy the Halloween/Fireworks party tomorrow evening.

Once again the PTA have been working incredibly hard to ensure the success of the party, and we would like to thank them for this. Without them this event would not be possible.

The gates for the party will open at 5.30 pm. and only people that have volunteered to help in the first session will be allowed to enter before this time. Everybody else will need to queue until 5.30 pm. when they will be allowed to enter. For safety reasons only people who have purchased tickets will be allowed into the party. There will be no paper tickets this year, but there will be a guest list at the entrance.

The magician will start with his act at 6.00 pm. Make sure you are in time to enjoy this activity. The fireworks will be set off at 8.00 pm.

Games: There will be several games for the children to participate in. This year we will have a bouncy castle for the younger children and a climbing tower for the children from Class 3 and above. At each game your child can collect a stamp. When they have 4 stamps they can collect a Halloween treat bag from Oonagh or Ms. Ford who will be in the large tent.

Most of the activities will take place outside. To make sure that the weather will not adversely affect these, the outside area will be fully covered, so please don’t be put off if the weather is not good.

Only the basement of the main building will be in use and nobody should be anywhere else in the school. This is to make tidying up and cleaning after the party much easier. You will have to enter the Spook Room through the main front door and go down the wooden stairs (that are usually out of bounds) to get there. The toilets by Class 1 will be available should you need them.

As usual there will be prizes for the best costumes on the evening. Prizes will be awarded for those considered best in the following categories:

Pre-school /Lower School – boy and girl

Upper School – boy and girl

Adult – male and female



The tickets you spend at the party on will be on sale during the evening. They will cost 5€ for a strip of 10 tickets.

You will be able to buy the glow in the dark items with tickets or with cash, for food and drinks you will need tickets.

At the party you can enjoy food from the hotdog stall, the BBQ (hamburgers and vegetable skewers) and the usual cake stall. Please don’t forget to bring your donations of cakes, deserts or cookies for this. When you are thirsty visit the bar where tyou will be able to buy  soft drinks, water, juice, wine and beer.

When you arrive and leave on Saturday, please remember that you will not be able to walk through the playground, as the fireworks will have been set up. The playground will be out of bounds for the whole evening. Please park on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt.

The games/activities will finish at 7.30 pm. The hotdog stall, cake stall, BBQ and bar will remain open, so it will be a good opportunity to buy a drink and something to eat before the fireworks begin. For your safety, please make sure that you and your children stand in the designated area.

Some children find the noise of the fireworks very loud and wearing earplugs may help them to enjoy the fireworks without being scared.

Extra help is still needed for the Sunday morning. We could really use some extra hands on Sunday morning. If you are able to, please come at 10.15 am to help for one or two hours. It will be greatly appreciated.

We hope that you will enjoy the evening, lots of hard work has gone into preparing for it, so come along and have fun!

See you on Saturday if you dare!

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team