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St. Nicolas paid the children a visit today!

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St. Nicolas paid the children a visit today!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 5 December 2014, 2:32 PM

We are sure that by now your child(ren) will have told you that St. Nicolas visited them at school today. He spent time with the children form Pre-school and classes 1,2 and 3 and managed to at least wave hello to everybody else. He heard good things about the children and so was very happy to leave them each a treat (but he was given some support by the PTA, so thank you to them too).

The Book Fair was in school on Tuesday and we would like to thank you all for supporting this. The children are always very keen to visit and to look at the books and to spend their money. Once again we were able to buy some great books for the library, we are sure they will soon be on the shelves.

The rehearsals for the Winter Concert are going well and the children are very keen to see what each other’s classes are doing for this. You should have received your tickets for this, if not please check with your eldest child’s class teacher.

We are aware that on Monday it may be more difficult than normal for you to get to school. However, for those of you that can get here, we will be open as usual and learning will be underway.

As you know we will hold our annual Winter Fair on Wednesday (10th December). This will start at 11.00 a.m. and run until 12.20 a.m. The money that is raised from this event is donated to Nativitas. This is a Brussels based charity that provides hot meals for homeless people and those that aren’t able to provide themselves with meals. Over the past few years BEPS has made a real difference to these people and the support that has been given has been greatly appreciated.

During the fair the children visit the other classes to see what their friends have made and to have the opportunity to spend some money.

The children from Pre-school and Class 1 will only be able to visit the other classes if they are accompanied by a parent or another adult. Class 2 children will be accompanied by a teacher, but those in Class 3 are allowed to go around the school with a partner from their class. The Upper School children will help selling the items they have made and can visit the classes as when they are not selling. (No child will be able to leave the school building without an authorised adult.)

The bell will be rung at 12.20 and all children will return to their class for usual dismissal. If you come to the fair and would like to take your child home before 12.30 you can do so, as long as you ensure that you inform their teacher. It is very helpful if you can bring small change and 1€ or 2€ coins rather than notes of larger denomination to pay for the items you buy. Thank you for your support in this matter.

We hope that you will be able to come and join us as the children have been working hard to make items for you to buy and to raise money for the worthwhile cause.

If you are unable to make it to the Fair you can always support Nativitas by sending in something for the food drive that we will be running. This is to collect food to send to Nativitas. If you would like to help please send in any of the following items:

·      Canned items such as fruit, vegetables, fish and soup

·       Cereals and dried pulses such as lentils or chickpeas

·      Pasta, rice, barley or dried potato flakes

·      Coffee, sugar, jam or Nutella

·      Biscuits, chocolate and canned desserts

·      Cartons of soup or juices that do not have to be refrigerated

Please do not send in fresh fruit or vegetables as these may spoil before they are delivered. You can leave these donations under the Christmas tree in the entrance hall. Thank you.

Class 2 will be holding their toy exhibition on Thursday, and we know that they have been designing and making toys for this, so it shouldn’t be missed.

Dates for your diaries

Wednesday 10th December Winter Fair - 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday 16th December Winter Concert  - 14.00
Friday 19th December School ends at 12.30
Monday 5th January INSET Day – no school for the children
Tuesday 6th January School re-opens

Enjoy the weekend.

Best Wishes

The Leadership Team.