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Come and see what we have been learning about.

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Come and see what we have been learning about.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 23 January 2015, 5:44 PM

The sound of staple guns has been resounding through the school this week as all the displays are being updated. There are some very interesting items on display, which we are sure the children will be very happy to share with you. Please come in and look at these to see all the different learning that has been taking place.

Class 2 started the week with a trip to the Musee des Enfants, where they found out lots of new things about their bodies and their senses. They are vey lucky as they are going out again on Monday. This time the sense of sight will be the area they will be finding out about.

Class 6 finished their Unit of Work ‘How Artists See The World’ with a visit to the Magritte Museum on Tuesday. They experienced both a guided tour and a collage/drawing workshop, and apparently enjoyed both parts.

Unfortunately we were unable to have PE at the ULB today as the gyms were being used for exams. Apparently this will also be the case next Friday, but hopefully teachers will be able to arrange some PE based activities to compensate for this.

We would like to thank those of you that joined us for the IPC information evening on Tuesday and hope that you found it informative. If you have any questions about the IPC we will be happy to answer them.

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 27th January – A Presentation on the introduction of Class 8 in BEPS and the curriculum it will follow. This will start at 18.30

Tuesday 10th February – Student Led Conferences. Please remember that you and your child(ren) only need to be in school at their appointment time(s) and that there are not the usual school hours on that day.

Monday 16th – Friday 20th February – Half Term Holiday.

Friday 27th February - International Mother Language Day.

There isn't very much to report this week, but many classes have started new Units of Work and there will be plenty of news related to these later in the term.

Have a good weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team