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It’s the Summer Fair tomorrow

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It’s the Summer Fair tomorrow
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 5 June 2015, 4:37 PM

As you may remember, on Tuesday the BEPS choir joined choirs from other International Schools from Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands at the British School of Brussels (BSB). They went for a day of singing and musical experience. After having a great time they came back keen to share their experiences with everybody. Ms. Ford will be putting some photographs and a video clip on the website soon, so watch out for them. You will be able to hear the choir tomorrow at the Summer Fair. They will sing at 12.00, so try not to miss them.

Thank you to everybody that visited the Book Fair yesterday. There were lots of happy children leaving with the books they had bought at the end of the school day. As a result we were able to choose a good selection of new books to add to the library. We have already booked the dates for next year’s Book Fairs so there will be more opportunities to buy books then.

This afternoon Class 4 shared their learning with their parents and Classes 5, 6 & 7 in Upper School Assembly. They talked about some of the knowledge, skills and understanding they had developed from their IPC learning across the year. They did a great job and should feel proud of themselves.

Next Wednesday the PTA will be holding their last Coffee Morning of the year. As usual his will be at drop off and will take place in the Music Room.

On Thursday the long awaited Talent Show will take place. Hopefully the sun will be shining, as this will take place in the garden. However, the tent will be there and so if it does happen to we will be able to avoid it. If you would like to come and see some of the talent BEPS has, please join us at 14.15.

Next weekend the Upper school children will be busily preparing for their Residential Trips, which start on Monday 15th June. They will need plenty of sleep to prepare themselves for their exciting week.

But, first of all we have the excitement of the Summer Fair tomorrow. Preparations are well underway and the children are all very excited. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. The fun starts at 11.00, so see you then.

Best Wishes,
The Leadership Team