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Welcome back. Some changes at BEPS.

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Welcome back. Some changes at BEPS.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 4 September 2015, 3:10 PM

It has been great to see everybody again after the holidays, and to hear about the adventures you had during them. We are sure you join with us in welcoming all the new families to the BEPS community and know that you will help them settle in very quickly. The children have all returned keen to learn and appear to be settling into their new classes very well.

We have been very happy to hear how impressed you are with the work that has been taking place in the school grounds during the holidays. The work is progressing very well but unfortunately we will have to wait for approximately four weeks for the fence around the Pre-School to arrive. However, there should be a surprise in the playground for the children when they return to school on Monday.

However, other work has been taking place, which you may not be aware of. The first of these is an outside toilet, which will mean the children will no longer have to come into the school building to go to the toilet during break time or after school. This can be found at the bottom of the steps that lead into the side entrance. You are also welcome to use this if you need to.

Inside school you will see further changes. The Music room can now be found in part of the old Class 1. The classroom has been split into two and behind it you will find the ICT Room. The corridor between them will house some of the non-fiction books that used to be in the Media Centre. This is because the Media Centre has now become a classroom for Class 5!

We have also created a new Upper School fiction library in the classroom next to the Attic. We are looking for volunteers to come and help us in all our library areas and will be very grateful if you have any time that you can give towards the organising and running of them. Please let us know if you are willing to come in and help and we will happily tell you more about what would be involved. Thank you in advance for your support.

It is difficult to fully explain all the changes, the best way for you to understand and appreciate all them is for you to come into school and see them, so please take the opportunity next week to do so.

Earlier this afternoon we had our first assembly of the year. The Class 7/8 children were reminding us of the BEPS Golden Rules and acted them out for the other children to guess. They must have done a great job as each one was guessed correctly. The first Golden Rule we are focussing on this year will be that of  ‘We are good friends’ and our first Golden Certificates will be awarded for displaying this.

Our first full week will start on Monday and hot lunches will start then. Please remember that your child will need to bring cutlery with them each day if they are having them.

Breakfast Club will also start on Monday. If your child(ren) join this club it will mean that they can arrive at school at 08.00. They will then be looked after until 08.30 when they will be taken to the playground where there will be specialist teachers on duty. For further information on this please contact or ask for a form from Dominique.

Dominique will also be happy to receive any forms that you have not yet returned to ensure that all school records are up to date. If you have not sent back your reply for the Meet the Teacher and Welcome drink on Tuesday (8th September) please do so.

Other dates for your diary are:

Saturday 12th September – Welcome Picnic (11.00 – 14.00)

Thursday 24th September – Book Fair

Tuesday 29th September – PTA General Meeting

Thank you for reading this message, as you know it is a weekly letter that will inform you of any changes or information linked to BEPS. You can also follow us on twitter; @beps-brussels If you send us a contact request and you have a special username and don’t hear back from us, contact Dominique, is as if we are unsure of an account user we will not accept the request.

We will look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday and hopefully again on the following Saturday.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team