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School will be closed tomorrow (Monday 23rd November)

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School will be closed tomorrow (Monday 23rd November)
by Mandy Porrett - Sunday, 22 November 2015, 8:37 PM
Dear Parents, 
The news just came through: all Belgian schools from Nurseries to Universities will be closed  in Brussels tomorrow. There will also be no possibility of a minimum service or garderie.  
BEPS will also follow the advice from the government and will close its doors.  
However as we would like to provide some learning opportunities for our children at home our staff will post  some learning your child can work on from home through Moodle. We expect this to be ready and available from around 10:00 AM tomorrow. 
The management team and the leadership team will meet with the authorities again tomorrow and we will keep you posted by mail and through the moodle with developments, news and decisions for Tuesday and the rest of the week.  
For your information, the security level stays at highest level: level 4. Measures like cancelling big events and the metro being closed are also continuing. As the Prime Minister said, we are aware these measures will probably impact on the ability of parents to go to work. He is calling for support and understanding from all, and particularly from employers.  
Children will of course ask questions and it is important to provide them with answers. In the news a psychologist advised people to be honest with children and to tell them it would be unsafe to go to school tomorrow as there are some people that are willing to harm others. However, it is also important to keep information simple and not to provide them with too much, to be too specific with details or to expose them directly to the news. We need to re-assure them as well that everyone is looking after their safety and they should not live in fear.
We will contact some of  the psychologists that we  cooperate with regularly tomorrow morning and will send more suggestions about how to talk with your children as soon as possible following this.                     
We thank you for your understanding and support. 
On behalf of the Management Team and the Leadership Team, 
Pascale Hertay