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School will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) Please read for further information

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School will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) Please read for further information
by Mandy Porrett - Monday, 23 November 2015, 9:02 PM
Dear Parents, 
The Belgian authorities have just announced their latest decisions. As the risk level stays at level 4 the measures regarding shopping centres and cancelling big events will remain until the end of the week so police efforts can be prioritised. Belgians schools and the metro will stay closed tomorrow and will probably re-open on Wednesday. 
Therefore we have decided to keep BEPS closed tomorrow too. However to diminish the impact on the children's learning, teachers will provide learning activities for the children again tomorrow. In addition to this teachers will come into school  tomorrow and we will hold our INSET day instead of on Friday. This means that if the situation improves and we can reopen the school later this week, we will be open on Friday and it will be a learning day for the children. We understand that some of you will have already made arrangements based on our school calendar and that your child won't be able to join us on Friday. 
We feel it is important to keep you informed of the latest developments and emergency measures. But we would like you to know that we are also working on additional long term security developments. We will communicate these with you as soon as they are more precise and defined.   
We will of course keep you informed again tomorrow following any developments. We thank you for your support and understanding. 
On behalf of the Management Team and the Leadership Team, 
Pascale Hertay